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Free Christian Conference - Quick Update!
April 22, 2008


I am so excited! I've been working very hard over the past two weeks to pull this off, but registration for The Hem's first ever free online conferece, Reaching for the Hem is finally open!

You can register for the free Christian event right now!

Through all of the emails I've been receiving since I announced the conference, I can now see the need in the Body that God had been putting so heavily on my heart. Now, I know why God gave me this vision to design a free conference where His children can learn how to connect with Him right where they are.

I really think that God is going to pour out His Spirit through this event, and guide us all into a deeper connection with Him.

Now, I hate SPAM - I just don't like receiving emails on stuff that I never asked for. So, unless you are officially registered for the conference, even though I value you as a VIP, you will not be receiving any of the special gifts and updates that I'll be sending out to the conference participants. This is simply to protect any of my VIPs who are not interested in the conference from receiving unwanted emails. I truly value each of you, and I don't want anyone to feel bombarded with unwanted information.

So, if you do not officially register for Reaching for the Hem:
*This will be the final email update you'll get regarding the conference.*

So, even if you are just a little interested, registration is totally free and you can cancel it if you change your mind.

If your heart is really longing to connect with God on a deeper level, join me for:

  • Online Christian workshops on how to connect with God.
  • A 6 part Christian seminar series featuring guest speakers from other Spirit Filled ministries online.
  • An interactive conference call with me where you can ask your own personal questions
And more!

I am really excited about this event. We aren't just going to skim the surface and talk fluff Christianity. We are going to get to the heart of building a real relationship with God, and lay out specific steps that you can take in your own life to really connect with Him.

Click Here For More Conference Details!

If you have any questions, or if you haven't told me what you would like to learn about at the conference yet, feel free to email me back.

God Bless!

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