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I thank God for this School of The Spirit and for the Blessed Holy Spirit,Who continues to give our dear sister Ameerah the wisdom, grace, compassion and a heart for God, in order to daily keep this blessed School going so that hungry, thirsty souls may come here and be satisfied and filled to tackle our everyday struggles! -Sharon 
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The State of Your Soul Another one of the perks of being a student at any school is that you get free access to their Library!  Well, the School of the Spirit is no different.

Inside of our school, there is a free student only eBook library.  It houses various Christian books specifically chosen to help hungry Christians like you reach out and connect with their Heavenly Daddy.
Now, unlike most of the books in our school  library, the one I have to share with you today was actually written by me.  It's called The State of Your Soul.  It details specific things that stand in the way of many Christians truly connecting with God.

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Thanks for sharing your time with us today!
Tomorrow:  Part 2 of our lesson on Reconnecting With Your First Love!

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