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Be Ye Transformed! - The Hem Devotional
July 16, 2008

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"If I may but touch His garment...I Shall Be Whole!"
~Mark 5:28

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July 16, 2008
Issue #12

From Ameerah's Heart to Yours
A short note to you...

Christian Inspiration
Let God Rub Off On You

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From Ameerah's Heart To Yours: A short note to you...

Hi Everyone!

God is doing so many exciting things right now at The Hem! One of the things I'm the most excited about is our Free Reaching for The Hem LIVE TeleClass next week! I just announced the class on Saturday, and there are already over 50 Believers registered and ready!

"So What Will You Be Teaching On Ameerah?" Whatever you want me to! My lesson will revolve around YOUR questions.

But, as always, the main mission of our class will be is to seek God's truth about developing a real relationship with Him. Remember, Paul said:

"[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him..."
(Philippians 3:10a AMP)

And, I believe that's what The Hem's Web Ministry is called to do - To help God's children develop a deeper more intimate relationship with Him.
You can register for our free class here.

As a special bonus, once you register, you'll get a free 2 part lesson on practical steps you can personally take to deepen your "spiritual roots". It also comes with Your Spiritual Growth Gameplan, an interactive activity that I know you'll love. Register, and claim your free Spiritual Growth Gameplan audio lesson here.

God Bless!

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The course uniquely combines Bible study, prayer, and scripture meditation to help you connect with God through His Word and His Spirit. If you are feeling that gentle tug from the Lord, urging you to take your relationship with Him to the next level, pray and ask God if this program might be the next step in your spiritual growth journey.

Christian Inspiration and Motivation:

Let God Rub Off On You!
By Ameerah Lewis

Have you ever heard people say you'll become more like the people you hang around? Many parents are so sure of this fact that they're very careful of who they allow their children to hang out with.

I remember when I was growing up. When I made a new friend, before I could even go over to visit, my mother went over to their house. In fact, she didn't just check out my friend...but their entire family! Then, after a thorough investigation, she would decide if they were the kind of people I needed to be hanging around with.


Because she wanted to monitor who would be influencing me. She knew that whomever I spent time with, I would inevitably begin to take on some of their traits...either to my detriment or to my benefit.

Well, the same thing is true when it comes to the Holy Spirit. The more we hang around Him, the more we start to "act" like Him. All of a sudden, instead of our anger, we are filled with His forgiveness. All of a sudden, instead of our depression, we can finally feel His joy.

You know, so many of us want the Fruits of a deeper relationship with God, but we think that we can get them on our own. We want the joy and the peace. We want to be able to forgive, and to feel forgiven ourselves. We want all of these things, and we can even begin to feel condemned when we don't see them in our daily lives.

How much easier would it be if we would just start hanging out with the One Who already has these traits, and just let them rub off on us? Then, day by day, we would become more and more of a reflection of Him, and less of a product of this crazy world that we live in.

"Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think." (Romans 12:2 NLT)

Do you ever forget that you aren't the one doing the transforming? God is! So, why not take some time today, and let a little bit of the Holy Spirit rub off on you?

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