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Longing for a deeper relationship with God?

Let God use these Bible study online classes to reveal Himself to you in a new and intimate way.

Living in this busy world, we often feel pulled in so many different directions. 

Sometimes, spending quality time with God gets pushed aside for what feel like more urgent matters. 

But are they really... 


"I am grateful to God for directing me to this ministry. He is always right on time. He always knows what is best for our lives."

Do you feel a longing inside for the Peace and Joy that only time alone with God can supply? Developing a hunger for God’s Word is your key to unlocking the relationship with Him that your heart longs for.

Your Bible study time should not merely be a religious obligation. It should usher you into the very presence of God, and become the key to your Christian spiritual growth. 

Each of these Bible study lessons transforms your computer into a source of communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. 

Whether you are yearning to connect with God more deeply, or just more often, I invite you to embark on a unique experience. A journey into the deeper things of God at the places and paces that you determine. 

And All At the Click of Your Mouse...

Join Pastor Ameerah in these
Powerful Video Bible Classes! 


Develop Intimacy with God: Hearing God's Voice CourseHearing God's Voice
How to Hear the Voice of God in Your Daily Life

Ever feel like you're walking through life's journey all alone? Do you long to hear the voice of your Heavenly Father speaking to you? Directing you? Guiding you?

Learn how to identify barriers that have stood in the way of your hearing and recognizing God's voice, and how you can finally break through!
God is Always Speaking...

Discover how to recognize His voice in your daily life!  
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Develop Intimacy With God - Learn to Control Your ThoughtsWho's Controlling YOUR Thoughts?
Keys To Renewing Your Mind and Emotions

Do you try to fight off feelings of fear, unworthiness, depression, or anxiety, but seem to always be on the loosing end of the battle?

Find out how to defend your mind against the attacks of the enemy, and how a simple 4 step Action Plan can free you from the bondage of mental strongholds.

Develop Intimacy With God - Learn to Control Your ThoughtsReleasing Past Hurts
Inner Healing Through Christian Forgiveness 

They say that time heals all wounds, but are there wounds from your past that just haven't quite gone away? When you hear God's command to love your enemies, do you secretly wonder if some things are really just unforgivable?

If you want to let go of your past hurts, but just can't seem to break free from the pain, it may be because of hidden unforgiveness that you don't even realize is still there.

Break free from the bondage of past hurts!
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Developing True Intimacy with God Video Bible StudyDeveloping True Intimacy with God
Naked, Unashamed & Unafraid

Do you long for true intimacy with God, but just can't figure out how to Connect? Find out how to boldly approach the throne of God, without the shame of your past or the fear of rejection.

Uncover the most common things that stop Christians from experiencing the intimacy with God we're created for.
Then, discover how to finally break down the walls that have been separating you from truly Connecting with your Heavenly Daddy once and for all.

Receive the Relationship with God that Jesus Died to Give You...
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Develop Intimacy with God: Spirit Controlled Life CourseThe Spirit Controlled Life:
Bearing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Do you feel God calling you to a deeper, more Spirit controlled life? You know in your heart who God created you to be, but  feel like you're always falling short?

Find out God's plan to exchange your weaknesses for His strengths, and transform you into the person He's called you to be through the Fruits of His Spirit.

Experience the Great Exchange- Trading God's Character
for Your Own

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In-Home Christian Fasting Retreat

Beyond the Veil
In-Home Christian Fasting Retreat

Is there something inside of you that is crying out for an intimate encounter with your Heavenly Father? Do you long for a transformational experience where you come face to face with your Creator and are NEVER the same again?

Unleash the true purpose and power of totally submitting to God through fasting. Discover how to connect with Him through Biblical meditation, prayer journaling and practicing His presence.
*This is a workbook, prayer journal, and Daniel Fasting Guidee.Not a video course.

Begin Your Intimate Encounter with God
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What's on your heart?
Choose from this collection of Bible Study Online Resources.

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Free VIP Program! Receive our inpiriational free Christian eZine, an exclusive 4 part audio series on connecting with God and more!
Interactive Christian Classes
Feel God drawing you into a deeper relationship with Him, but not sure where to start? These powerful online classes will guide you step by step on your transformational journey...
In-Home Christian Fasting Retreat
Longing for an intimate encounter with your Lord? Invite Him into your home through this unique in-home Christian fasting retreat.
Audio Bible Study Online Classes: Connect With God Through His Word...
Connect with God through these free audio Bible study online lessons. Learn how to apply God's Word to your daily life.When we draw near to God, He draws near to us.
Spirit Filled Bible Study Book Package
Now FREE with any donation! Want to take your relationship with God the next level. This unique Bible study book package combines study, a prayer journal, and daily scripture meditation to transform you from the inside out!
Statement of Faith
The Hem of His Garment Bible Study is a Christian internet ministry. Here lies my mission and statement of faith.
Free LIVE Christian Seminar!
You're Invited: LIVE Christian seminar on developing spiritual intimacy with God! Join us right from home every other week for our free Christian tele-class!
Select Bible Study by Topic
Want to pick your Bible study by topic? Think of this growing list of topical Bible studies as a virtual Table of Contents for your free Online Bible Study Book!
Free Online Bible Study Lessons By Email!
Have a hunger for more time with God, but struggling to fit it all in? Pick one of these courses and have free online Bible study lessons sent directly to you via email!
Ask Christian Questions - Get Christian Life Advice!
Need Help Applying God's Word to Your Life? A safe place to anonymously ask Christian questions where you won't be judged or embarrassed.
Virtuous Women's Bible Study Course: Strength and Destiny Revealed
God designed you with a strength all your own. Learn how to be the woman God created you to be and fulfill your unique destiny through this free Women's Bible Study course.
Free Online Bible Courses On Christian Life
Looking for ways to apply the Bible to your daily life? These Christian life free online Bible courses can help you reign victorious over your every-day battles.
Transformational Christian Healing Bible Study Course
Every part of your life matters to God. Christian healing and wholeness is a gift. Learn how to recieve it for yourself today.
Bible Study Holy Spirit Filled Living Course
This Bible Study Holy Spirit Filled Living Course is for every Christian who wants more of God. Learn how to receive the Holy Spirit and change your life in every way.
Family Bible Study
Trying to find a fun way to implement family Bible study time in your home? Trey these free kid's Bible studies, activities, and games.
Children's Bible Activities: Sharing Your Love for God In Ways You Can Both Enjoy
Looking for ways to get your kids excited about God? These free children's Bible activities are designed to do just that!
Christian Meditations: Are They Really Biblical
Find out the truth about using Christian meditations. Are they ok? How can they help you? Plus free Bible meditation cards and more!
The Best Bible Translation - Picking the Best Study Bible for YOU!
There are so many versions of the Bible. Discover how to pick the best Bible translation for your personal and spiritual needs.
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Searching for how YOU can develop a deeper relationship with God? These resources can help!
Join an Online Bible Study Group!
Looking for an online Bible study group that really digs into God's Word? Come learn, fellowship abd grow!
Free Printable Bible Study Resources
Looking for free printable Bible study resources? Print off adult Bible studies. Kids Bible lessons and word searches. Prayer journals. Scripture memory cards, and more. And all for free!
Calling Christian Writing Hopefuls and Anyone with Wisdom to Share!
Here's a great Christian writing opportunity! Get dedicated webspace to share God's Word with the world. Write one article a month, or as many pages as you want!
Christian Prayer Request - The Prayer Corner
Have a need in your life? Take your problem to the Throne of God. Submit a Christian prayer request to the prayer corner, and watch the power of prayer transform your life.
Share This Site
Have you been blessed by the collection of free Bible Study Resources you've found here at The Hem? Invite friends and family to Share this site!
Free Christian Seminar Series and Christian Workshops!
Free Christian conference ON DEMAND! Be refreshed and inspired! Includes a Christian seminar series, Christian workshops, videos, and more!
Reach for the Hem Blog: Christian Inspiration for Daily Living
Could you use some Christian inspiration? A little help living a passionate and godly life before the Lord? Then "Reach For The Hem!" This blog is your special place to come and develop the faith and strength you need for daily Christian living.
What's Your Christian Testimony? Tell Us Your Story of God's Amazing Grace
Do you have a Christian testimony that needs to be shared? Share your story of God's provision, and be inspired by the stories of others.
Bible Study Online What's New Blog
The Bible Study Online Blog is a great way to stay up-to-date on the new Free Bible Study lessons available to you through The Hem of His Garment website. Subscribe Today!
Write Letters To the Author
This is not my website - It is here for you! Share your feedback, Bible study topic, or whatever is on your mind in letters to the author!
Free Christian Ecards!
Share God's Love with the world through these Free Christian Ecards! Use these inspirational Christian cards to share God's Word and His Heart with those you love.
Bible Trivia Questions
Test your knowledge of God's Word with these free Bible trivia questions. A fun way to learn the Bible!
Christian Affiliate Program: Spread the Good News!
Looking for a Christian affiliate program that is focused on serving and NOT selling? The School of the Spirit's Christian Affiliate Team may be your answer...
Christian Speaker: Cincinnati Ohio Area
Looking for a Christian speaker in Cincinnati Ohio or the surrounding areas. Ameerah Lewis teaches Believers how to move from religion into an intimate relationship with God.

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