Living The Spirit Controlled Life:
Bearing The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

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"I am still basking and soaking in the knowledge I received! It was as though something AWAKENED in me for the first time. I thank you for allowing God to use you to teach people like me. This needs to be listened to over and over again. God Bless You!" - Sarah

Course Overview:
Do you feel God calling you to the Spirit Controlled Life? A life where your carnal nature is in total surrender to the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Where God's light is truly able to shine through you in your daily life?

This in-depth study will open you up to allow the Holy Spirit into every area of your life. And, along the way, you will discover how to let Him replace your character with His own...
His joy for your depression. His faith for your fear. His love for your anger. His peace for your anxiety and stress...

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Fruit of the Holy Spirit Christian WebClass

"I can not say what these classes are meaning to me. I have been studying as well on my own and learning but I love how you break down the Word of our Lord so that anyone who is open to recieve it can learn from it. Blessings to you and the BIIGGEST Hug from me!" -Ellie

Lesson 1:
A Message of Freedom!
Even Paul said, " I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out." (Romans 7:18 NIV)  How can you break free from the shackles of your humanity to become the person you know in your heart you were created to be?

Lesson 2: Living Habitually In The Spirit
Where do the Fruits of the Spirit come from? Why did God create them? And, why don't more of us actually bear them in our daily lives? Find out the answers to those questions and more in Lesson 2 of our Fruit of the Holy Spirit class: Living the Spirit-Controlled Life!

Lesson 3: What is REAL Love?
Love...Something inside of us yearns for it from the day we are born. But, what is it? Where does it come from? And why do we need it so badly?

Lesson 4: Transformed By Love
Isn't God's love planted inside of you for the benefit of others, and not for you yourself?  Discover how God's Agapao love growing and flourishing in your heart doesn't just bless those around you, but transforms your life. Find out how Love Can Truly Set You Free!

Lesson 5: Unconditional Joy
We've all heard of unconditional love, but what about unconditional joy?  Is joy something that's based on your life's circumstances and situations? Is it the same thing as happiness - a mere emotion or feeling? Or is it something much deeper?  

Lesson 6: The Peace Treaty
Does living in peace mean that you are living without trials and tribulations - or simply that you are living ABOVE them?  Is it really possible to be in perfect peace in the midst of frightening circumstances, or can we as Christians get to a point in our walk with God where all calamity stops and all we experience is joy and peace?

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Lesson 7: Patient Expectancy
In a society of microwaves, spray-on tans and instant gratification we can often expect each of our prayers to be answered RIGHT NOW. We become so focused on instantaneous miracles that we miss what God is really doing - Masterfully using imperfect situations to perfect His children.  Discover why God's Word says that, without patience, you will never accomplish the will of God (Hebrews 10:36).

Lesson 8: Weak nor Wimpy! (part 1)
As children, we were told to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." But, as adults we are warned, "do unto others BEFORE they do unto you!" Learn what God really means when He tells you to be humble and meek. And discover how you can release the "Me First" mentality of the world, to become a true representative of Christ here on the earth.

Lesson 9: Weak nor Wimpy! (part 2)
Jesus says that He Himself is humble and meek - But how? He is God and God is not weak or powerless. He doesn't let people run all over Him.  So, which is wrong - God's definitions of meekness and humility...or ours?

Lesson 10: Thy Faith... (Part 1 of 3)
What is Faith really...and where does it come from? Is it simply believing in God, or is it something much more? As Believers, we hear the word over and over again, but it can seem so abstract. Discover what the true foundation of faith is, and how building that foundation can open the door for God to do miraculous things in your life.

Lesson 11: Thy Faith... (Part 2 of 3)
Without faith, it is impossible to please God - PERIOD. In fact, because of Abraham's faith, he was called a friend of God. But, what does real faith look like - Not in theory, but in practice? God's Word says that faith without works is dead. So, how do you put your faith where your mouth is?

Lesson 12: Thy Faith... (Part 3 of 3)
At some point in each of our lives we have wanted something from God that we did not receive. Often, after the disappointment, we question "Why Lord?"  Was God unable, or just unwilling to help you? Isn't He supposed to give you the desires of your heart? Why then do so many of our heart's desires go unmet?

Lesson 13: Self-Control vs Holy Spirit Control
Patience, Love, Peace, Goodness...can we ever truly measure up to God's standards? Can you ever be the person that you know in your heart your Heavenly Father created you to be? Or are you destined to constantly miss the mark? To constantly feel like a disappointment to yourself, and to God.  Discover Jesus' plan to break you free from the bondage of your humanity

Now available for FREE on YouTube!

About The Instructor

Ameerah Lewis, Instructor o Fruit of the Holy Spirit Webclass
Ameerah Lewis is the founder of The Hem of His garment Bible Studies, an author and a respected Bible teacher. But, even more than that, she is a devout student of God's Word and His Holy Spirit.

A former high school teacher, she now devotes most of her time to teaching God's promises to His children, a calling that she doesn't take lightly.  

Known for her special gift of breaking down the Word of God in a powerful and practical way, Ameerah teaches hungry believers how to apply the Bible to their daily lives.  She challenges each of us to take off our "Perfect Christian Mask," and allow our Heavenly Father into those hidden areas of our lives.

"I'm not big on theology," Ameerah explains.  "I'm big on developing an intimate relationship with God through His Word." She believes that God's Word is alive, and that it has the power to change us and our circumstance.

"I've learned through all of the challenges I've faced - whether health related, financial, emotional, or otherwise - when we seek God first, everything else falls into place..."

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