Bible Study:  Holy Spirit Filled Living Course

…Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. ~Zechariah 4:6  

Bible Study on Holy Spirit Filled Living -Path with light

Each Bible Study on the Holy Spirit that you find in this course is designed to help you draw closer to the Spirit of God.  

These  Bible lessons on the Holy Spirit are listed in order, starting with this short introductory lesson.  


Holy Spirit Filled Living Course: Lesson 1

Which of these people would you just LOVE to hire right now?

A Counselor * A Helper * An Intercessor
An Advocate * A Strengthener * A Standby

Well, if you have given your heart over to Jesus, whether you realize it or not, you have access to each of these every day of your life! They are all yours for free in the Holy Spirit. Jesus paid the price for you to have everything you need to live a life of victory!

…If I do not go away,
the Comforter
(Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby)
will not come to you [into close fellowship with you];
but if I go away,
I will send Him to you
[to be in close fellowship with you].
-John 16:7

When Jesus left the Earth, He did not leave you here to live this life on your own. Why? Because He loves you. 

Your Heavenly Father knows that none of His children can win in this world alone. Sometimes we try to, but we end up weary and battle worn because it is:

…Not by might, nor by power,
but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.
-Zechariah 4:6b

God wants you to have joy and peace. To walk in love and patience. But, you are powerless to do any of these things on your own.

It is by receiving the Holy Spirit that your life really changes.  His Spirit is a Holy seed.  It will bear The Fruit of the Spirit within you, and even give you access to spiritual gifts hand picked to line up with your destiny. 

God is calling us all to connect with His Holy Spirit in a special way, and take our relationship with Him to a deeper level. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that you will be able to become who God truly intended. The rest of your free Bible studies on the Holy Spirit will help you to unleash that power in your own life.   

Holy Spirit Bible Study Course

Introduction Questions

1. Do you ever find yourself trying to do things on your own power? Why?

2. How does it make you feel to know that the Holy Spirit has been sent to "be in close fellowship with you?"

3. What are ways that you could use the gift of the Holy Spirit more in your life?

4.  What would you like to get out of these Bible studies on the Holy Spirit?

Living In the Spirit - Expereince Constant Fellowship with God

Enjoy Your Journey through this
Free Holy Spirit Filled Living Course

Your Holy Spirit Bible Study Lessons build upon one another.
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bible study on the Holy Spirit golden sunset
Foundational Bible Study

Learn about Jesus' promise to you regarding the Holy Spirit. Then, find out how to hear God's voice and unleash His power in your life.

Lesson 1: Receiving the Holy Spirit
Lesson 2: Can You Hear God's Voice? How To Recognize the Leading of the Holy Spirit.

Online Bible ClassExclusive Online Bible Class:
Living In the Sprit:
How to Experience More of God's Presence and Hear His Voice In Your Daily Life

worshiper bible study on the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts Bible Study

Find out how to unlock the dynamic power God has given you through the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 1: Do We All Have Access to Spiritual Gifts?
Lesson 2: What are each of the Spiritual Gifts?
Lesson 3: Tapping Into your Spiritual Gifts.
Lesson 4: What is Speaking in Tongues?

fruit of the Holy Spirit Bible Study-still shot fruit
Fruit of the Holy Spirit Bible Scripture Study

Discover how each of these fruits from God plays its own unique role in helping you fulfill God's call for your life. 

Lesson 1: Have You Been Marked?
Lesson 2: Love, Joy, and Peace
Lesson 3: Endurance, Kindness, and Goodness
Lesson 4: Faith, Gentleness, Self-Control

Online Bible ClassExclusive Online Bible Class:
Living the Sprit Controlled Life:
Bearing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit In Your Daily Life

Ark of the covenant Bible study on the holy spirit
Bible Study of Exodus 25:
Separated from His Presence

Find out what God was really revealing about His passionate love for you and His timeless quest for communion through this historical text.

Lesson 1: The Ark of the Covenant
Lesson 2: The Holy Tabernacle - The Mercy Behind the Veil

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What Other Christians Have Shared With the Group!

Click on the links below to read what other Holy Spirit Filled Living Group Members have shared. Add your own thoughts, and words of encouragement.

Fruits of the Spirit Lesson 1 Bible Study Questions 
1. Do you believe in your heart that you have been Marked by the Spirit of God? Why or why not? I really do believe that I have been marked by …

Holy Spirit Gifts and Baptism 
Is the Holy Spirit gifts in the Books of Acts still alive or did they cease when the Bible was completed? Is there a baptism in the Holy Spirit separate …

Doubting God's Voice 
During a prayer meeting once I felt God urge me to go thru out the pews and pray. I'm not sure what He wanted me to pray, and I felt stupid doing it and …

Receiving The Holy Spirit 
I never learned about receiving the Holy Spirit. I did not realize that receiving the Holy Spirit and excepting salvation were not the same thing until …

Confused by Speaking in Tougues 
I have spoken in tongues but had brought into the lie of satan that I was making it up,because i do not understand what I am speaking. Am I suppose …

Hearing from God 
I felt I have heard God a couple of times in my life so far. Once when I was having trouble falling pregnant, I took a pregnancy test and it came up negative...yet …

Hearing God's Voice Bible Study 
I was totally blessed with this teaching on how to hear God's voice. I have had the experience of hearing God and have also had the experience of …

life in the lord 
Hello I am a christian non-denominational but love the lord. I am reaching out because i need consistent fellowship because I am formally not attending …

Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love Joy and Peace 
Teresa's response to lesson 2 of our study on the Fruits of the Spirit. (1)Why do you think that it is significant that Jesus uses the action verb

The best time to receive the Holy Ghost is as soon as you are saved.Why? You receive power after you receive the Holy Ghost .He will stay as long as you …

Some understand praying in tongues to be a “secret code language” that prevents Satan and his demons from understanding our prayers, and thereby gaining …

Hard TIme Speaking In Tongues 
Here is Kathy's response to our lesson on Speaking in Tongues. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit there should be fruit that is evident …

help me help my self 
Welcome Jerline to our Holy Spirit Filled Living Bible Study Group! Here is a short message from our new member... A little bit about me...

Excited to learn more 
Let's welcome Denise to our Holy Spirit Bible Study Group! Here's a short note from here... A Little Bit About Me... I am 44 years old …

The Annointing Grows As We Grow 
Sometimes I don't feel sufficient. I feel like His strength is sufficient. I believe there are deeper levels of revelation for people who seek after God …

Love, Joy and Peace 
In Lesson 2 of our free Bible study on the Fruits of the Spirit, we talked about love, joy, and peace. Here is Stacy's response to this lesson...

Can You Hear God's Voice? 
In our free Bible lesson on hearing the voice of God, we asked the question... Can YOU Hear God's Voice? Here's Jessica's response: I have …

Fruits of the Spirit Lesson 2 
In our free Bible Study on the Fruits of the Spirit , we broke down each of the 9 fruits, one by one. In lesson 2 of our Bible study , we talked about …

Unworthy of the Holy Spirit 
In our lesson on Receiving the Holy Spirit we asked the question, have you ever felt unworthy of God's Spirit, or doubted it's existence? Here is

Can You Hear God? 
YES!! I do hear the Holy Spirit speak and guide me on many occasions...lost things, what to say to someone, how to handle a certain's a very …

Hearing God's Voice In Our Daily Lives 
There have been it seems a dozen times that my husband is astounded by what is revealed to me even with silly play with our children. lol One of the …

God's Power 
The Holy Spirit gives us power to do what God wants us to do. Without Him, we are nothing and can do nothing. The HOLY SPIRIT is all we need to …

Welcome Robert to Spirit Filled Living 
Let's all welcome Robert to the Spirit Filled Living Bible Study Group. Here is what he would like to talk about: I would like to discuss …

Have the Gifts of the Spirit Passed Away? 
A Little Bit About Me... Married, full time mum,been a Christian for 14 years - but thinking is this all there is to it..... What I would

Fruits of the Holy Spirit 
In our Fruits of the Holy Spirit Bible Study we asked the question: Have You Been Marked By God? Is the evidence of His presence visible in your life? …

Doubt You are Hearing God's Voice? 
Do you ever doubt that you are hearing God's voice? In our free Bible study, Can you hear God's voice , we talked about the things that can stop us from …

ASK...and it shall be given  
God is not a respecter of persons and He is a fair and just God. He would not be just if He gave to some but not to others. He said you have not because …

Being Bullied By Satan? 
Are You Being Bullied By Satan? God is pouring out his spirit upon ALL flesh. So if we are thirsty then He WILL fill us with His spirit. I have …


Hearing God's Voice 
I remember the time God spoke to me. It was in Feb 2007. I was attending a local church and I never experienced Jesus and I felt very dry. I kept praying …

As we discussed in the Gifts of the Spirit Bible Study, God has given us each Spiritual gifts to be a blessing to the Body of Christ as a whole. Here …

Filled With the Holy Spirit 
Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? In our Bible study on Receiving the Holy Spirit we talked about the fact that the Holy Spirit is for all of us. …

Fruit of the Spirit 
Do you find it hard to walk in the fruit of the Spirit? In our Bible Study, Have You Been Marked, we talked about how the fruits of the Holy Spirit …

Hearing From God 
Hearing from God is a special gift that God has made available to all believers. In our Bible lesson Can you hear God's Voice? we talked about how to …

Hearing From God 
Is Hearing From God a priority in your life? In our Bible lesson Can You Hear God's Voice? we talked about the importance and power of hearing from God. …

Holy Spirit Baptism 
I am a born-again believer who recently asked for the Holy Spirit Baptism. That day two wise women prayed for me and urged me to speak in tongues, …

Keep Crying Out To God 

Welcome New Bible Study Member! 
Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a strong believer of Christ!!! What would you like to discuss: I would like to talk about the Holy Spirit's …

Filled With the Holy Spirit  
Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? In Receiving the Holy Spirit we talk about the POWER the Holy Spirit gives us. Here is Ruth's response to that …

spending time with god 
I do not spend enough time in the Word! GOD asks for ten percent of our money, gifts, talents and time only!! HE gives me 24-7 and for each 24 all he asks …

Fruit of the Spirit - Christian Peace 
Which of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit is most valuable to you? Molly says that, for her, it is true Christian peace. Peace is the most …

Are You Filled With The Holy Spirit? 
This entire course is on how different your life can be when you have the Holy Spirit. But, how can you really know if you are filled with the Holy Spirit? …

Welcome From Your Online Bible Study Group Leader!  
Hi All! My name is Ameerah, and I am the founder of The Hem Bible Study Online Ministry. I just wanted to give you your official welcome to the Holy …

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