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Unworthy of the Holy Spirit

by Dennis Hamlin
(Tumwater, Washington)

Take The High Road

Take The High Road

In our lesson on Receiving the Holy Spirit we asked the question, have you ever felt unworthy of God's Spirit, or doubted it's existence?
Here is Dennis' answer to that question...

Yes. I thought at first I was not worthy and also had doubt about the existence of the Holy Spirit.

My experience with receiving the holy Spirit is just like you described from the above scripture.
I was driving in my car when I asked for the Holy Spirit to come into my life.

The interesting thing about physically feeling the Holy Spirit in me was that it was a feeling I had felt many other times in my life. It was a chill like feeling that encompassed my hole body. Like a shiver. Followed by a feeling of peace and calm that I knew without a doubt was the Holy spirit. It was a magnificent realization that I had the power to ask the holy spirit to be with me and that he would answer. Praise God!
My reaction when reading that the Holy Spirit is available in every area of my life is one of joy, relief and peace, which leads to worship.

Thank you for this chance to study and reflect what an awesome God we serve.

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