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The Hem Devotional - Christian eZineAs one of The Hem's Vessels In Pursuit (VIPs), you'll receive our free Christian ezine, The Hem Devotional, to insipre and encourage you to press on in your daily journey into a closer walk with God.

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Here are just a few of the perks that come with your new VIP Status Here At The Hem!

1. Receive a Free Subscription to The Hem's  Christian eZine and Devotional!  
Not only will you receive encouraging articles and a Christian devotional to help you strengthen your spiritual walk. You will also be the first to know about special events and offers here at The Hem, and you'll be able to access all of our newest Bible Lessons right from your email!

Sometimes we can lose track of what's truly important. Think of this free Christian ezine as your little Godly ReminderChristian smiley free Christian ezine.

2. Get Over 4 Hours of Spirit Filled Teaching on How to Connect With God TOTALLY FREE!
The Hem's Christian Ezine - VIP Audio Series
As a special bonus gift for joining The Hem's VIP program, you'll receive our special Reaching For The Hem 4 Part VIP Audio Series!

Over 4 hours of Spirit Filled teaching on how to reach out and really connect with God.  Your free audio series includes:
  • Part 1: Reconnecting with Your First Love

    Uncover how to reconnect with God and rekindle the spiritual love affair that He desires for us to share with Him.  Prepare to discover the secrets to becoming a friend of God and begin developing the relationship with Him that He is calling you to!
  • Part 2:  Abba...Daddy: Your Key To Intimacy with God

    How do you really look at God? Do you think of Him as a rule maker and an authority figure? Or, is He a source of wisdom and guidance? Do you feel like He is proud of you, or disappointed in you?  Discover how your relationship with your earthly father can color the way that you see God, and hinder your spiritual walk.

  • Part 3: How To Develop Intimacy With God

    Do you long for more intimacy in your relationship with God? Discover specific steps that you can make to begin deepening the relationship that you share wih the Lord.  Find out how you can truly keep your faith in Him regardless of what life's circumstances may bring.

  • Part 4:  How To Really Make Time For God

    In the midst of this fast paced world that we live in, how can we really slow down and connect with God?  Discover practical ways that you can build more time for God into your daily life.  Find out the steps that you can take on a daily basis to develop the relationship with Him that you truly desire.
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3. You'll Also Get Unlimited Access the The Hem's Special VIP Corner! 

And don't forget about The Hem's special VIP Corner.  It's a hidden part of The Hem reserved only for the site's VIPs!  

There, you can download tons of free Christian resources.  You'll have access to our Free Christian eBook Library, exclusive prayer journals, special scripture meditations, desktop wallpapers, and more. All to help you strengthen your connection with God through His Word and His Holy Spirit.


Why Subscribe the The Hem's Christian Ezine and VIP Program?

Because...we all want a deeper relationship with God.  But, there are just so many things fighting for our attention.  That is why I want to offer you this special VIP treatment for free -  The Hem's inspirational Christian ezine, the Reaching For The Hem 4 Part VIP Audio Series, the special VIP corner - I really believe that these free Christian resources can help you stay focused on what's important!

Best of all, The Hem's VIP Program will always be a free gift from me to you. I promise that you'll never have to pay a subscription fee!

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