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" W-O-W! I am being refreshed through your teachings Ameerah. I love the way you break the word down so anybody can really understand it. I am just so filled up, and that is what I am praying. For God to fill all the places in me with Himself so that all I do and say will truly Honor Him." ~ Sister Pat

Do you feel the call to begin developing true intimacy with God?  If you feel the need to really connect with your Heavenly Father, there is really only one way to do it.  He promises:

"Ye shall seek me, and find me,
when ye shall search for me with all your heart."
~Jeremiah 29:13

God wants to be found by you!  But, YOU have to truly seek if you ever want to truly find.  And that is what The Hem's virtual School of the Spirit is here for - to provide online Bible classes for hungry Christians like you.

To help you reach out and connect with God through His Word.

And you can begin your journey to developing the intimacy with God that your heart is thirsting for right NOW.

What Are Other Students Saying?

"Ameerah, I must tell you that I've already done three bible studies at your site and it has had a tremendous impact on my relationship with God. May He bless you greatly - more than you've ever hoped for!" -Hope 

"God bless you Ameerah .. I just want to say I thank God for you.  Your ministry has blessed me in many ways in getting my relationship with God to many different levels. Thank you for being obedient to the Spirit and May the Lord bless u and your family!" - Evie

"It was just so refreshing to hear the information presented with no fluff or fillers.  Just sound biblical teachings...May God continue to bless you and I pray that your pure, biblical teachings reach the masses because I know that restoration and wholeness is being ushered into peoples lives through your teachings. I know that my "life" will never be the same.  May God continue to bless you my sister! "  - Nan 

*Above testimonies are excerpts from unsolicited letters of thanks.

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Beyond the Veil In-Home Fasting Retreat
Beyond The Veil
In-Home Fasting Retreat
Your Guide to an Intimate Encounter with God...

Is there something inside of you that is crying out for an intimate encounter with your Heavenly Father? Do you long for a transformational experience where you come face to face with your Creator and are NEVER the same again?

One of the most powerful ways to invite God into our lives is to create a special time for just us and Him.
A time that we have purposefully set aside to commune with Him through prayer, and to surrender to Him through fasting.

Beyond the Veil will guide you through a unique in-home Christian fasting retreat that will usher you to the very throne of God!

Hearing God's Voice
How to Hear the Voice of God in Your Daily Life

Develop Intimacy with God: Hearing God's Voice Course
Ever feel like you're walking through life's journey all alone? Do you long to hear the voice of your Heavenly Father speaking to you? Directing you? Guiding you?

Discover how to truly hear from God! Learn how to identify barriers that have stood in the way of your hearing and recognizing God's voice. And how you can finally break through!

God is Always Speaking...Discover how to recognize His voice in your daily life!

Who's Controlling YOUR Thoughts?
Keys To Renewing Your Mind and Emotions
Develop Intimacy With God - Learn to Control Your Thoughts

Do you try to fight off feelings of fear, unworthiness, depression, or anxiety, but seem to always be on the loosing end of the battle?

Find out how to defend your mind against the attacks of the enemy, and how a simple 4 step Action Plan can free you from the bondage of mental strongholds.
Releasing Past Hursts
Inner Healing Through Christian Forgiveness 
Develop Intimacy With God - Learn to Control Your Thoughts

They say that time heals all wounds, but are there wounds from your past that just haven't quite gone away? When you hear God's command to love your enemies, do you secretly wonder if some things are really just unforgivable?

If you want to let go of your past hurts, but just can't seem to break free from the pain, it may be because of hidden unforgiveness that you don't even realize is still there.

In this course, you'll discover the true price of unforgiveness, and how to finally break free from the bondage of past hurts.
Developing True Intimacy with God
Naked, Unashamed & Unafraid
Online Bible Class

Developing True Intimacy with God Video Bible StudyDo you long for true intimacy with God, but just can't figure out how to Connect? 

Find out how to boldly approach the throne of God, without the shame of your past or the fear of rejection.

Uncover the most common things that stop Christians from experiencing the intimacy with God we're created for.

Then, discover how to finally break down the walls that have been separating you from truly Connecting with your Heavenly Daddy once and for all.

Click Here To Learn More...

The Spirit Controlled Life:
Bearing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Develop Intimacy with God: Spirit Controlled Life Course

Do you feel God calling you to a deeper, more Spirit controlled life? You know in your heart who God created you to be, but  feel like you're always falling short?

Find out God's plan to exchange your weaknesses for His strengths, and transform you into the person He's called you to be through the Fruits of His Spirit.

Come and let God replace your character with His own.

Living In The Spirit *2 Class Bundle*
How To Experience True Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Develop Intimacy With God - Experience True Fellowship with the Holy SpiritDo you long to experience true fellowship with the Holy Spirit? Ever wonder if it's really possible to hear God's voice guiding you, and feel His presence comforting you every single day?

Discover the truth about the Holy Spirit: Who He is, why He's here, and how you can experience more of His presence that you're thirsting for.

You'll also learn how to truly hear the voice of God speaking into your daily life.

Audio Bible Studies On Intimacy with God

What Makes Our Online Bible Classes So Special?

The Hem's School of the Spirit offers a wide variety of video Bible studies that help Believers take their intimacy with God to the next level.  

Just a few things to note about our special online Bible classes...

Just a Few More of Our Powerful WebClasses...

Becoming a Living Sacrifice
Not My will but Thine be Done
Becoming a Living Sacrifice Video Bible StudyPaul tells us to present ourselves to as a "Living Sacrifice." But, what does that really mean? How do you go beyond where most baby Christians live their entire lives - Into the Land of Total Surrender...

In this class you will find out the true meaning of the word submission. And you'll discover why it's so powerful, that the enemy wants to keep you thinking it's a "dirty word". Then, you'll master the 5 Keys To Total Surrender and true spiritual maturity.

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Still Staring At An Old Reflection?
Releasing Your Past Mistakes...
Still Staring At An Old Reflection Video Bible StudyDo you still feel unworthy of God's love? Do you sometimes wonder if God could really forgive ALL of your past mistakes, or if He's punishing you for the things you've done?

Discover the truth about God's forgiveness that will help you to receive your breakthrough once and for all!

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