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But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy. ~ 1 Peter 1:15 (NLT) 

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Looking for practical ways to apply the Bible to your everyday life? These free online Bible courses can help you reign victorious over the every-day battles that you face as a 21st century Christian.

God knew that living your life for Him was not going to be easy.  In His infinite wisdom, He revealed the answers to questions you are facing right now thousands of years ago in His Word.

How do you deal with emotions like anger and fear?  How can you balance work and family obligations?  How will you ever get out of debt and gain control over your finances?
These free online Bible courses will not just help you to find those answers, but to live them out in your daily life.
God wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. Isn't it time you invited Him in?


Find Biblical Answers to Life's Questions.
Enjoy Your Free Christian Life Bible Study Courses! 

 *Note: Some of these Free online Bible courses are also available in other places on the site.  But, they are so relevant to Christian Life that I wanted to offer them here as well.

Christian Maturity Through the Beatitudes

beatitudes free online bible courses:
Find out why spiritual maturity holds your key to true happiness. And how living the often oversimplified Beatitudes isn't child's play.

Dealing With Christian Stress

Christian stress free
                  online Bible courses: Stressed Out ManLearn the secrets hidden in God's Word to combat life's stress. Find out how to tap into the Peace that passes all understanding, even when life's circumstances say you should worry.

Lesson 1: Christian Stress Management: The Secrets to Receiving God's Peace
Lesson 2: Scripture Promises for Life's Most Common Stresses

Learning How To Control Emotions

Controlling Emotions free
                  online Bible courses: Woman Holding a sad faceBeing a good Christian does not mean that you don't have emotions.  But it does mean that you don't let them control your life.  Discover how to control emotions God's way!  

Lesson 1: How to Control Emotions: Your Feelings Don't Have to Control You
Lesson 2: Fear Bible Study- What is fear?

Lesson 3: Fear Bible Study - Choosing Faith or Fear
Lesson 4: Fear Bible Study - Freedom From Fear!
NEW Devotional Series!
Part 1: Truth In Our Inward Being
Part 2: Mind Renovations
Part 3: The Great Exchange: Receiving the Mind of Christ

Online Bible ClassExclusive Online Bible Class:
Who's Controlling Your Thoughts?
Keys to Renewing Your Mind and Emotions

Building Real Christian Marriages
With Your Online Bible Study Leader
 Minister LaÂ’Wanda D. Cook

Couple's free online
                        bible courses - Couple walking in the rain
Learn how to weather the storms of life as one. Discover how to strengthen the covenant bond that the two of you share.

Get a new Couple's Bible Study lesson each month.  Discuss the lessons with other Christian Couples taking this free online course.

Meet Your Bible Study Leader

Read This Month's Lesson

Walking with the Lord in the Simple, Practical and Everyday...
With Your Online Bible Study Leader
 Elder Teirrah McNair

Couple's free online
                        bible courses - Couple walking in the rain
Discover the role of God's Word in your everyday life situations through these practical Christian life lessons.

Experience a new Bible Study lesson each month.  Discuss the lessons with other Christians taking advantage of this free online course.

Meet Your Bible Study Leader

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Placing God First Christian Priorities Bible Study
With Your Online Bible Study Leader
 Marsha Mundy

Christian Priorities
                        free online bible courses: Bible with glasses
Ready to truly get your priorities in order?  Need help putting God first? This interactive Christian priorities Bible Study can help!

Get a new lesson on Christian Priorities every month.  Discuss the lessons with other Christians taking the free online course.

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What Other Christians Have Shared With the Group!

Click on the links below to read what some of the other Christian Life Group Members have shared.

marriage restoration 
i would like to say i am a married woman newly wed i have known my husband since high school and he left me on valetine's day of this year 2009 and we …

Controlled By "Love" Emotions 
mostly i need help when i am in emotions control my life sometimes and i become fully worried about my relationship and ignore other things …

God's Promises are Eternal! 
God's promises are eternal and for all who believe. I have been guilty of doubting and I am deeply regretful for this. I must spend more time in God's …

Living In Fear 
Embarrassing as this may be, I have been dominated by fear for a long time, and I still am. I will not go into the specifics of it but unfortunately my …

Fear Bible Study Reflection Questions 
In our free fear Bible study, we discovered that fear is not just a negative emotion, but a form of spiritual attack. Here is Noel's response to our reflection …

Who I Am In Christ 
Last year in Bible study class we did a series on Christ in me. The pastor asked us to go home study and write our thoughts down. I wrote two essays: …

I am Who I am Because God Made Me 
I am who I am because God make me I am loved not because of what I am, nor that I am beautiful, intelligent or rich. I am loved because I am worth …

What is Fear? 
In our fear Bible study, we asked the question, what is fear really? Martha Says... "Fear is not believing what Jesus says. Fear is unbelief." …

How To Control Emotions Bible Questions 
Can we really control our emotions? Here is Mary's response to lesson 1 of our free Bible Study on how to control emotions. 1. Which emotions

the power to choose...  
I am a believer in Jesus the Christ, the son of the Father whom sent the son, whom agreed to come down to us, to teach us, to willingly lay down his life …

On Faith and Miracles... 
This may sound trivial to some, but to me, it was huge. When my daughter was two, she became sick with the flu. It was bad. She was vomiting and had …

Fear Bible Study Reflection Questions 
Have you ever struggled with the spirit of fear? Here's one Believer's response to the reflection questions from our free Bible study on fear. 1.

Fear Bible Study 
In the first lesson of our Christian fear Bible study, we answered the question: What is fear really? Here is Alexa response to that lesson. …

Christian Fear 
Christian Fear is a crippling feeling that infiltrates the mind, thus dictating emotional , intellectual, physical and spiritual activity. Christian …

Controlling Emotions 
In Lesson 1 of our Bible study on controlling emotions, we talked about how to get your emotions under control once and for all. Here are Sandra's answers …

Controlling Emotions 
One of the biggest challenges that we as Christians face is controlling our emotions. In our Bible study How to Control Emotions we talked about how …

Overcoming sexual urges as a growing christian 
I am Christian brother. I am from ekiti state nigeria. I love studying the Bible so I would like to join you. What I would like to discuss

Applying the Bible to Our Lives 
Let's welcome Alisha to the women's Bible study group! A Little About Alisha: I am a mother of a ten year old boy and a six year old boy. I …

Welcom Laurie to Christian Living 
Let's welcome Laurie to the Christian Living Online Bible Study Group! Laurie is from Louisiana in the US. She would like to discuss living God's Word. …

prayer request: dealing with stress 
Are you stressed out? Most people in today's society are. But, that is not God's will for us. After April completed the Stress Bible Study , …

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