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Controlling Emotions

by Sandra
(Louisville, KY)

In Lesson 1 of our Bible study on controlling emotions, we talked about how to get your emotions under control once and for all. Here are Sandra's answers to the lesson's Bible study question.

1. Which emotions do you need God's help controlling the most?

Controlling my need to control others, controlling my fear of failure.

[2. Why do you think God says that "he who rules his own spirit (is greater) than he who takes a city" (Proverbs 16:32 AMP)?]

I think God says that because He knows that we can achieve greater things in our lives and others' when our emotions are controlled than when they are invested in everything we do. Our emotions can easily influence what we do or say. Having those emotions under control saves us a lot of problems.

4. Why do you think Satan tries to manipulate our emotions? What are ways that you can stand against him when he tries those tricks on you?

Satan tries to manipulate our emotions because he sees a weakness, maybe you are not strong or too emotional and knows that mostly you rely on yourself or feelings instead of God and he can use that against you or to control you. We need to rely on God at all times.

Comments for Controlling Emotions

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Overcoming Emotions
by: Teresa

The Word tells us that as a ' thinks in his heart (mind, will & emotions) he is...'. This is a clue to the operation of a victorious life in Christ. We are also told to '...hold the thoughts and feelings or the mind or Christ...' Much emphasis is placed on the kind of 'thougths' that a believer is susposed to have. Thoughts mediated on produce emotions experienced or acted upon, therefore, if our thoughts are on negative of fear-filled experiences our emotions will correspond. Jesus instructed us to think on thoughts that are of a good report, worthy of praise, full of virtue, etc. The Word (which is the will of God) is our good report. The Word is to be believed even when our current experience is contrary to the promise of God's Word.

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