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Are you looking for an Online Bible Study Group that really digs into God's promises?

A place where you can  learn more of God, ask questions, and discuss what's on your heart with other believers from across the globe?

Well, as always, God has led you to the right place!

The Internet is a great place to study God's Word.  There is only one problem with it - We were created by a God of relationship!  We are all masterfully designed to interact with one another and connect.  

That's where an online Bible study group comes in - It puts the fellowship back into your study time.

Here at The Hem, you'll find a variety of Bible study groups led by Christians hand picked because of their zeal and passion for God.  

No need to pick in just one!  

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Becoming Women of Faith:
Christian Spiritual Growth for Today's Woman
With Your Bible Study Leader
Alissa Griffith

We are told to have faith, we try to walk by faith, but...what is faith really?

Alissa grew up as a little girl going to Sunday School, but in the midst of a traumatic childhood, she couldn't  believe what she was learning.  

Now an example of God's healing power, she is a
certified Christian Life Coach who believes that encouraging other sisters in Christ is what she was created for.

Join Alissa as she takes an everyday practical and personal approach to topics often left unsaid.  Discover how to live the word of the Lord daily, and become Women of Faith. 

Becoming Women of Faith Bible Study Leader Alissa Griffith
Alissa Griffith:
Online Bible Study Group Leader  
Click Here to Join Alissa in our
Becoming Women of Faith Online Bible Study

The Christian Man
With Your Bible Study Leader
Olusegun Mokuolu

God is always looking for a man to stand for Him in the home, Church and society. But, it's always a big disappointment when He doesn't find one.

was born into a Christian family where he learned all of the required Christian lessons and did all the "religious stuff".   But it wasn't until 2001 when he was alone in his room and had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit that his walk with God truly began.

Join Olusegun as he endeavors to truly understand the mind of God concerning the Christian man. 

Christian Men's Bible Study Leader Olusegun Mokuolu
Olusegun Mokuolu:  
Online Bible Study Group Leader
Click Here to Join Olusegun in our
Christian Men's  Online Bible Study

Placing God First!
With Your Bible Study Leader
Marsha Mundy

We could all use some help getting our Christian priorities in order, couldn't we? 

Marsha invited Jesus into her heart At the age of 10, but she didn't realize the full potential of His Spirit living in her until she was nearly 45 years old. 

She'll be sharing some of her faith building experiences, and
the lessons God has taught her about keeping her priorities straight!  

Join her as she explores the Christian growth process and what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus!

Christian Priorities Online Bible Study Leader Marsha Mundy
Marsha Mundy: 
Online Bible Study Group Leader
Click Here to Join Marsha in our Placing God First
Christian Priorities Online Bible Study

Living Victoriously!

With Your Bible Study Leader

Kris Williams

Do you find yourself battling to live the victorious life that Jesus died to give you?  
This powerful Bible Study is born out of one woman's personal struggle to live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

Kris Williams
has an unquenchable passion to see all people know Christ and to experience the abundant life that God’s word promises His children. A cancer survivor, it is important to her that people know that the Christian life is full of blessings and richest treasures... but not without struggles.

Join Kris each month as she sheds the Light of God’s Holy Word on a different area of bondage that keeps many of us from living the Victorious life God promises to His children.

Online Bible Study Leader
Kris Williams:
Online Bible Study Group Leader  
Click Here to Join Kris in our
Living Victoriously Online Bible Study

Receiving Abundant Health!
With Your Bible Study Leader
Ann Musico
Get ready to learn simple, effective, practical and Biblical health principles you can use to live a healthier, happier life right now!

Ann is a
a Certified Biblical Health Coach and independent nutritional consultant.

mission is to motivate, educate and empower people to live vibrant lives of wholeness by communicating God’s principles of Christian diet, nutrition and health.

Join Ann as she shares
how relevant and practical God’s Word is to our daily health - Spirit, Soul and Body.
Christian Priorities Online Bible Study Leader
Ann Musico: 
Christian Diet & Nutrition 
Online Bible Study Group Leader
Click Here to Join Ann in our Receiving Abundant Health
Christian Diet and Nutrition Online Bible Study

The Christian Single Mother
With Your Bible Study Leader
Adrienne Broussard

Are you a Christian single mom looking for a bit of Biblical encouragement and direction?

Adrienne considers herself to be
a living testament to the extreme grace and mercy of our most High God.  

A single Christian mom to two beautiful children, her passion is to reach other  single mothers, and help them come to know their ultimate Co-parent - Their Heavenly Father. 

Just because you are single doesn't mean you are in this life all alone! Join Adrienne as she teaches how to open the door to the Lord as you Partner in daily life.

Single Christian Mother Bible Study Leader Adrienne Broussaed
Adrienne Broussard:
Online Bible Study Group Leader
Click Here to Join Adrienne in our
Christian Single Mother's  Online Bible Study

Virtuous Christian Wife and Mother
With Your Bible Study Leader
Stephanie Page 

Do you long to be the godly wife and mother that your Creator truly designed you to be?  

Stephanie met her husband serving God on the mission field.  Since she became a mom in 2006, and then again in 2009, God has been teaching her a lot about how being a mom and wife fits into His big plan for her life. 

She's eager to share the truths He's been teaching her with you!  

Join Stephanie on
this journey through God's Word to discover His true plan for wife and motherhood.
Christian Wife and Mother Bible Study Leader Stephanie Page
Stephanie Page:
Online Bible Study Group Leader
Click Here to Join Stephanie in our
Virtuous Christian Wife and Mother's Online Bible Study


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