Children's Bible Activities:
Sharing Your Love for God With Them
In Ways You Can Both Enjoy

children's Bible activities

Looking for ways to get your kids excited about God? These free children's Bible activities are designed to do just that!

Over the next 10 years of their life, your child will face more temptations than many Christian parents are willing to admit.  

I believe the best way to safeguard your children is to begin guiding them into developing an intimate relationship with God today.  That relationship will be a source of strength for them in years to come.

One of the best methods to reach your children for God is to mix fun children's Bible activities in with your more structured Bible study time.

Using children's Bible study activities is definitely one of the best ways to teach your kids about the Lord.  Why?  Because kid's are not little adults - They are little kids Bible Study Online Christian Smiley!  And, they learn differently.
As a former teacher, I made these children's Bible activities with your child's spirit and attention span in mind.  They teach them different Biblical principles through play.

Children's Bible Activities girl daydreamingAs a parent, it is important to remember that all kids learn differently.  
Taking the time to discover how your child learns best will open the door for you to teach them godly character that will last a lifetime!

Children's Bible Activities

Christian crafts for children coffee can drum
Christian Crafts for Children!

These Free Kid's Bible Crafts will help you to teach your children Biblical values through fun family art projects.

Childrens Bible Activities:  Bible Games for Kids
Children's Bible Games

Are you looking for fune Bible games for your kids?  These Christian games will not only keep your kids entertained, but plant the seeds of godly character inside of them that they will use for years to come!  

*Includes both borad games and video games!

Children's Bible activities clipart church is fun
Online Jigsaw Puzzles!

Each online jigsaw puzzle has its own value to teach.  Read the instructions to find out how to personalize each one for your child!

clipart girl reading Bible
Printable Bible Word Search Pages!

Free Kid's Bible Crafts, Games and activities for your family.

I pray that you enjoy these free children's Bible activities.  Don't forget to check out the
Family Bible Study Headquarters for free kid's Bible lessons that have Bible study activities of their own! And, if you have a toddler, you won't want to miss these free Bible crafts that you can do right at home!

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