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But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  ~ Matthew 6:33

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How is your Christian Spiritual health? These online Bible Study Courses will assist you in taking your relationship with God to the next level.

No matter what stage you are at in your Spiritual growth journey, God has so much more in store for you!

Each Bible study for Christian spiritual growth is uniquely designed to minister to you right where you are. If you let them, they can open the door for the Holy spirit to do a miraculous work in you.

But we all,
with open face
beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord,
are changed into the same image from glory to glory,
even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

-2 Corinthians 3:18

If you really feel the Spirit of God urging you to take your Christian spiritual growth to the next level, I would encourage you to go through this free eCourse, Becoming a Friend of God: 4 Steps to a Closer Walk.

So, are you ready to be transformed?

Online Bible Study Courses for Spiritual Growth

Preparation Questions

1. Be totally honest with yourself. What areas in your life do you feel God leading you to work on? If you are not sure, take a moment and pray, asking God to reveal these areas to you. Watch for hints from Him over the next few days. Right down the top 5.

2. Once you have made your list, prioritize. Ask God to help you number the areas from 1-5 in order of current importance. These numbers are not written in stone, but they will help focus your future study.

Developing True Intimacy with God Online Bible Study Course

Where Would You Like To Begin Your Journey?

Select From this Collection of Free Online Bible Study Courses

Jesus washing disciple's feet onlinbe Bible study seek ye first
Foundational Bible Study

Seek Ye First:
An introduction to the purpose and power of the pursuit of Spiritual Growth.

Make a Commitment to your spiritual growth: Join the Hem's Online Chrisitan Accountability Team!

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Christian Fasting for Spiritual Growth

Is Christian fasting for every Christian, or just for the "super spiritual?"  Discover how fasting for God plays a vital role in your spiritual growth and has the power to transform your life! 

Lesson 1: Christian Fasting: Is it Really for YOU?
Lesson 2: Fasting for God can Transform Your Life!

Lesson 3: Biblical Fasting: Is there More than One Way to Fast God's Way?
Lesson 4: The Daniel Fast: Making Room for God in Daily Life

Closer Walk with God onlinbe Bible study Course
Want a Deeper Relationship with God?

4 Steps To a Closer Walk With God
We all want a more intimate relationship with God, but sometimes we just don't know exactly where to start.  In this study, you will discover the common road blocks that stop Christians from truly connecting with God, and how break them down in your own life.

Jesus washing disciple's feet onlinbe Bible study seek ye first
Bible Meditation

Are Christian Meditations Biblical?
What is meditation really?  What does God say about meditation in the Bible?  Are there Christian meditation techniques that could really help you grow spiritually?  
Find out the truth!

holy Bible and flower
Introducing: The God of the Bible

Before you can develop a deeper connection with God, you must know who He says He is.

Lesson 1: His Heart and His Essence
Lesson 2: What a Friend of God Would Say
Lesson 3: What is the Trinity?

Lesson 4: Who is the Holy Spirit?
Lesson 5:Who is Jesus Christ? (Opens Another Site)

beatitudes online bible study courses man looking out window
Christian Maturity Through the Beatitudes

Find out why spiritual maturity holds your key to true happiness. And how living the often oversimplified Beatitudes isn't child's play.

Lesson 1: Jesus paints a picture of spiritual maturity
Lesson 2: How to Be Humble and Meek
Lesson 3: Receiving God's Forgiveness Bible Study
Lesson 4: Learning How to Forgive
Lesson 5: Final Keys to Christian Spiritual Growth

potter with clay becoming God's masterpiece online bible study courses
Becoming God's Masterpiece

Learn how to place yourself before your Potter as willing clay in this Colossians Bible Study.

Lesson 1: Reborn as God's Masterpiece ...In Progress
Lesson 2: Becoming Willing Clay

worshiper becoming a living sacrifice online bible study courses
Special 3 Lesson Study On
Praise and Thanksgiving

Becoming A Living Sacrifice :
Though this spirit filled study was especially for the Thanksgiving Holiday, it will still show you how to take showing gratitude towards God to a different level!

Find out what God really wants from us as tokens of our thankfulness. *Includes Free Worship Video!

Building Christian Character One Day at a Time
With Your Online Bible Study Leader
Ivan Venter

Men's online Bible study course - Man praying alone
Are you a true reflection of Christ to those around you?

Discover how to develop true godly character as you examine how to be conformed to the likeness of Christ in your daily life.
Get a new Christian Character Bible Study lesson each month.  Discuss the lessons with other Christians taking this free online course.

Meet Your Bible Study Leader

Read This Month's Lesson

The Christian Man
With Your Online Bible Study Leader
 Olusegun Mokuolu

Men's online Bible study course - Man praying alone
What does it really mean to be a Christian man?  Discover how to me the man that God created you to bee in this free Christian men's Bible Study online.

Get a new Men's Bible Study lesson each month.  Discuss the lessons with other Christian men taking this free online course.

Meet Your Bible Study Leader

Read This Month's Lesson

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What Other Christians Have Shared With the Group!

Click on the links below to read what some of the other Spiritual Growth Group Members have shared.

Christian Maturity Bible Study Questions 
Christian Maturity Bible Study Response: I consider myself some what mature. Humility to me is being humble content, lowing myself to being a servant …

The Trinity 
This is the Trinity God the Father God the Son - Jesus Christ who died on the cross as my Substitute and my risen Lord&Savior God the Holy Spirit who …

Seeking Spiritual Growth 
My name is Cassandra and I am new in my christian walk. I have been saved for almost 2 years now but due to spiritual immaturity I allowed the enemy …

I want and need a more full relationship with God 
I have been a born again christian for 36 years and I see, over the struggles in life, I have come to a less committed stand with my lord. I need fellowship …

Christian Spirutal Maturity 
In our Beatitudes Bible Study, we discussed how Jesus paints a picture of true Christian spiritual maturity. Here is Evelyn's reaction to Lesson 1: …

Fasting, fighting satan 
I am a 54 year old Christian women, I have been struggling with Satan for most of my life. I want to be the best I can be in my Christian life. But, …

Reborn As God's Masterpiece...In Progress 
In our free Bible Lesson, "Reborn as God's Masterpiece...In Progress" we talked about the transformational power of God. Here is Danielle's answers to …

What is Real Worship? 
What is Real Worship? That is what we discussed in our Worship and Thanksgiving Bible Study: Becoming a Living Sacrifice. Linda share's her thoughts... …

A Heavy Heart... 
my heart feels so ragged and dirty. it used to feel pure and light now the weight holds me down at the bottom of the sea. ill be drowned if i dont shake …

Christian Matuirty 
Spiritual Christian maturity is something that we all strive for. That is what we discussed in our free Beatitudes Bible Study. Here is what Loria

How To Forgive 
In our Beatitude's Bible study, we talked about how to forgive. At the end, there was a special activity that walks you through a practical way to invite …

Beatitudes Bible Study 
What does it means to be spiritually mature? To go from being a baby Christian to being a mature Christian. That is what we discussed in our free Beatitudes …

His will in my life. 
Tell us a little about yourself. (Optional) My name is Tammy, I have been married for 14 yrs. I was saved as a young child and lived it whole heartedly …

Let's pray for eachother... 

My answer is...(Beatitudes) 
1. Do you consider yourself to be a mature Christian? Why or why not? No I do not consider myself to be a mature Christian. I have been a "Christian" …

My answer is... 
In our Bible study on Colossians 3: Reborn as God's Masterpiece...In Progress, we talked about how God's desire is to transform us into His very own …

Welcome Sondra! 
Everyone, welcome Sondra to The Hem's Bible Study Group! My name is Sondra and I am a 18 year old female from Alabama and it seems my life started out …

Making the time to seek Him... 
I try very hard to set aside time for study and meditation time every day, but it seems like I do really good for a few days or some times even a week, …

Confronting Gossip? 
I need His help.... sometimes I forget who I am, and people talk behind my back. I wish they would tell me to my face but if I confront them it makes the …

Lack of Family Support 
My wife has been sick for five years and I, her husband, has been her fulltime carer all along, living on state aid. Her parents have just come into a …

"Read My Word..." 
Tonight in church as I prayed for a deeper relationship with the Lord I heard Him say to me "Read My Word". He told me three times. After serving Him for …

what would a friend tell me about God?  
They would tell me that God will never turn from you and he will always be standing at the door waiting for me to invite him in. I use to think God …

God is Love? 
In our Bible study on the God of the Bible we asked the question: Who is God? The Bible says that "God is Love" (1John 4:16) But sometimes that …


Dissappointment and brokenness 
How do you counsel a person that has faced one disappointment after another? Especially broken relationships, death of loved ones, and sickness. This person …


Let's all welcome Roz to the Spiritual Growth Online Bible Study group! A little bit about me... My name is Roz Warren and I am a 36 year old …

Developing Spiritual Discipline 
My name is Monica Williams. I am a stay at home mom, I have been married for fourteen year with four children. I homeschool my 11 year old son (I also …

Christian Maturity 
Do you consider yourself to be the picture of Christian maturity? In our free Beatitudes Bible study we talked about Jesus' description of a mature …

Seek Ye First... 
In our Bible Study, Seek Ye First, We talked about the importance of spending time alone with God. We also went over some tips that we can all use …

Hands of the Potter 
In the Colossians 3 Bible Study, Reborn as God's Masterpiece...In Progress we talked about being in the hands of the Potter. Here is what Vince …

Studying the Bible 
I am married to Tom for 8 years - we have a 3 year old son, Levi. I have tried so many times to read The Bible. I start and get thru a few books, then …

God's Grace 
Have you received God's grace? Do you feel forgiven for your past sins? In our Bible lesson on Receiving God's Forgiveness we talked about why Satan …

Giving my all to God 
A Little Bit About Lacy... Hi, I am a 27 year old Christian Woman. God has blessed me to be with Him for many years now. I was able to spend a …

God's Power To Change You... 
In the Bible Lesson on Becoming Willing Clay we talked about God's power to change you. Here is what Pat had to say about that lesson: Seeing …

Becoming God's Masterpeice 

Staying in faith 
Welcome Karen to the Spiritual Growth Bible Study Group. She wants to talk about staying in faith. A little bit about Karen Hello everyone …

Welcome Upul Nuwan 
Let's welcome Upul Nuwan from Sri LANKA to the Christian spiritual growth online Bible study group! We are happy to have you Upul. Feel free to start …

Welcome LaWanda Cook! 
Let's welcome LaWanda Cook to the Christian Spiritual Growth Online Bible Study Group! We are happy to have you joining us LaWanda. Jump right in where …

how is your humility? 
Do you walk in humility? Here is what Margaret had to say after doing the How to be Humble and Meek Bible Study. God really spoke to me …

Who is God to You? 
Who is God to you? Here is Staci's answer to that question in response to The God of the Bible: His Heart and His Essence Bible Lesson: …

Welcom Sarah Bonsu! 
Let's welcome Sarah Bonsu to the Christian Spiritual Growth Online Bible Study Group! We are happy to have you joining us Sarah. Your passion and love …

Is God Really Love? 
Is God Really Love? Here is what LaPorcia had to say about that in her response to the Reflection Questions From your Free Bible Study on God's Love …

Forgiving the Unforgivable? 
I was thinking about the idea of forgiving the unforgivable, and was wondering what your thoughts were. With all of the things going on in the world, …

Zac On The Beatitudes 
Hi everyone, I would just like to share some thoughts I have had about what Christ was saying in Matt.5. This is such an important passage of scripture, …

Welcome From Your Online Bible Study Group Leader!  
Hi everyone! My name is Ameerah, and I am the founder of The Hem Bible Study Online Ministry. Welcome to our Spiritual Growth Online Bible Study Group! …

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