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Christian Spirutal Maturity

by Evelyn

In our Beatitudes Bible Study, we discussed how Jesus paints a picture of true Christian spiritual maturity. Here is Evelyn's reaction to Lesson 1:

1. Do you consider yourself to be a mature Christian? Why or why not?

Yes, I do. Because I know what it is to be an immature (carnal) Christian because I used to be one. I now consider myself a mature Christian because I am being led by the Holy Spirit instead of my flesh.

2. If you had to define the terms meekness and humility in your own words, how would you describe them? What is your honest gut reaction when you hear each of these words?

In my mind meekness is an attitude of timidness, shyness that is more or less inborn. Humility is an attitude of choice. I chose to humble myself because I want to be like Christ. When I hear that someone is "meek", the first thing I think is that they are weak. When I hear they are humble the first thing I think of is that they bear no pride.

3. Do you think the Beatitudes are still relevant for the world we live in today? Why or why not?

Yes!! The Beatitudes are still relevant today! Because God's Word is always relevant - it never doesn't change because the the world changes.

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