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Studying the Bible

by Ginger

I am married to Tom for 8 years - we have a 3 year old son, Levi.

I have tried so many times to read The Bible. I start and get thru a few books, then something comes up.

I need guidance and someone that I can talk to about what I am reading.

Can anyone help me with this? THANKS - Ginger

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Mar 17, 2010
read along with me
by: mwangi

I can help.You said you want to talk to someone about what you read.Iam willing to listen comment and learn in the process.
I am born again and love the lord. currently I am going through the different women in the bible.analysing their character and picking some that I need.Its beautiful.Ijust looked at Rebeca and Leah and I have learned a few things .
If you think I can be of help tell me and I will make time.

Nov 14, 2008
Reading The Bible
by: Edna


I've been trying to read the bible in 90 days. Their is no excuse for not reading the bible.It seem as if every time i read thebible i fall asleep, i work 12 hour a day 3 days aweek and i have trouble reading the bible i'm trying to split text through out the day and a portion to read on my break when i have to work .

I Thank i'm going to use the one year Through the Bible Devotional. any suggestions.

Jun 11, 2008
I know how you feel!
by: Caitlin

I understand how you feel. I probably read the Bible 4 times through, and STILL barely understood a word of it. I've found that a study Bible is one of the greatest tools for understanding the Bible. I have a terrific one with footnotes, maps, character profiles, indexes, and study techniques.

If you're having problems reading the entire thing, then I suggest making a 'Bible Study Plan'. You can buy books off the internet like 'The Bible In A Year', which breaks the Bible down into managable parts each day.

You can try to put the Bible in your own words, so to speak. After reading a verse, ask yourself what it truly means. If you don't know, read it again, replacing it with easier to understand phrases. Example: 'He said unto them' into 'He said to them' or 'and are come to worship him' into 'they've come to worship him'. It's easier to understand that way.

And DO take your time! It doesn't matter if you've heard or read the Word, it matters if you UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the Word. Take it a few chapters or subsections at a time. Try to read and understand a chapter a day. It WILL take a while, but you will remember and understand His word better.

Apr 04, 2008
Studying the Bible-reply
by: LaWanda

Hi Ginger, as you well know, the word is the most powerful tool that God has supplied us with to survive. Any time that we commit to learning that word, the devil will make sure that he does his very best to try to stop us from succeeding.
Why-because the word is how we defeat him. I had the very same problem. However, I had to learn that it is better (for me) to read a little and retain a lot, than to try to read a lot and retain a little. What suprised me most is that I am an avid reader, but when it came to studying the Word, I had to slow it down. I now have daily devotionals emailed to me and I start my day with those. This way, I am sure to get my daily bread and it sets my pace for the day. Also, by having this done, it conquered another problem that I had, which was having to decide what to read when I had to choose it myself. I find that God is so supreme that he often sends me just what I need through those emailed devotionals. Try it out and see if it works. God bless you.

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