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Confronting Gossip?

by Joe

I need His help.... sometimes I forget who I am, and people talk behind my back. I wish they would tell me to my face but if I confront them it makes the situation worse. I just want it all to end. I can let go of a grudge but others can't what am I to do. Lord help me

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Sep 12, 2016
How I learned to handle gossip by others NEW
by: Annie

When someone wants to spread gossip they usually know which people will carry their message. The people they choose to spread the "news" to are those weak ones who love to hear it and just cannot seem to wait to let someone else know what's new. Like a malignant disease, gossip generally grows as it spreads.

I too have been the target of malicious gossip but I knew who the instigator was. She was the manager of my building...still is. She often had people in her office (at the other location) who she knew were weak in keeping anything to themselves and had a weakness for gossip. Some of these people were afraid of her because she was always causing certain people to be evicted or to lose their subsidies...she had no problem setting a particular tenant up and lying to try to cause them to lose their rent subsidy. She has a control problem and doesn't like anyone she cannot keep under her thumb.

After years of stress and a stroke, I learned not to let her stress me any longer. I only deal with her electronically now but will be pleasant to her and say hi if I run across her path. I also pray the Holy Spirit would work in and bring her to a saving faith giving her a new heart for Him. That is the only way she will change.

As for the others, I know most are afraid of losing their apartment units if they get on her bad side so I just pray for them too. As for living my life, I live to God and have a clear conscience. I cannot stop people from gossiping but I do not need to join them. I will say that "I am just not into that nor do I have time to listen to it." I have found that people will think what they "want" to think no matter if it is true or not. I cannot change their ways but I can change mine. If your conscience is clear and you know what is being said is untrue, even painful, give it to God. He sees and hears everything and knows the truth. Let that be enough. When we no longer respond to the gossipers, they will eventually find another target ... unless the Holy Spirit convicts them of the wrongfulness of what they are doing and the pain they inflict on others as a result of their careless gossip.

One good thing that comes out of our tests, trials, and other pressures is that it gives us a lot of prayer practice and attitude changes that work better and please God.

May 28, 2013
Discipline NEW
by: Anonymous

Whenever I am around gossip or find myself falling into gossip I say to the Lord 'I put this thought under submission and lay it at your feet O God' then I say a prayer about the situation and myself. I find that when I do this the thoughts tend to flee and not return. Remember the battlefield is in the mind and we have to fight this fight daily but when we find that tool that works then we must work it to the bone and that is what I did. Find your tool hunni and scripture that you can remember or a special prayer directed towards the gossip and start there. You take the first step the Lord will definitely take two. God Bless You!!!

Mar 20, 2011
A gossiper wants to stay in the dark. Bring your light.
by: Anonymous

Gossip about ourselves, whether true, false or exaggerated, can be painful especially since the gossiper usually hides in the dark and may be difficult to detect or confront. Amongst other things, a gossiper relies on the ones he/she gossips to for covering them against the one(s) they gossip about. When a gossiper is found out and approached with the same words he used to put you down, it gets his attention, to put it mildly. The last thing a gossiper wants is to be discovered (with certainty) by whom he gossips about. Should it continually persist especially in a work place, you will have the opportunity to make or file a complaint directly against that someone and this will also send a message to others, too. Stay in prayer. Staying spiritually strong in the Lord is the best possible strategy no matter what is going on. And realize that sooner or later it will pass and you can bring the results of your experiences to those who need your help.

Apr 23, 2009
His Commandment
by: Anonymous

Luke 6:27 "But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you." Do this through His Love. Because He commands it. Love heals all and makes people change. We can do nothing without Love.

Jul 23, 2008
The devil made them do it!
by: Dian from NC

Hello, gossip is just the devils way a breaking your spirit. He can't stand it that you are living your life for God so he sends these p-eople into your life to break you down by gossiping. As long as you know that it is not true, then you need to keep your eyes on God and look to him for guidance.
when this happens, you do know that all you have to do is to command the devil in God's name to leave and not remain in your life. It is your weakness and response that makes this keep coming back. Once you let the ones that are gossiping about you know that you could care less, it will stop, becuase when you leave it where it is and look to God, they can't touch you. I hope this helps.

Jul 23, 2008
by: Francis

Hi, yes it is hurtful and that is the way of this sinful world. It is very annoying and can lead to warfare.

Perhaps the best thing to do, though it is not easy, is to think of how Christ was mocked unjustly and reach out to Him without telling any of your tormenters you're doing so; for even if you wished them peace, they may probably think you're odd and take away your newly found peace with Christ. Keep away from them if you can and find a new pasture on which to sow the love of God, especially to those who are more receptive.

Finally, pray for your tormenters, privately and don't tell them you're doing so (that's hard to do because you probably love them too!)and that way you'll be leaving them in the Hands of Almighty God

God Bless.

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