What is the Trinity?
Lesson 3 of The God of The Bible

Which part of the Trinity is really God?

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Imagine that a non-believer approached you and asked, "Who or What is the Trinity?" Would you feel comfortable answering that question?

You would be surprised how many Christians would be standing there speechless.

Now, for most of us, there will always be a certain sense of mystery behind the idea of the Trinity. But, you really cannot fully understand who God is without looking at the beauty of it.

So what is the beauty of the Trinity? It teaches us a valuable lesson about what is at the heart of God - Relationship.

A three part God that is in such perfect relationship with each aspect of Himself, that He is one.

Which Part of the Trinity is Really God?

Actually, they all are, because they are one.

God has three different aspects. God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

You have probably heard of each aspect separately. As a whole, it is sometimes called the "Godhead." what is the trinity worshiper

Who is God the Father? He was the main figure in the Old Testament. When you hear those stories and read the Psalms, that is the aspect of God that they are often referencing.

Who is Jesus? He is the part of God that came to Earth to die for your sins. We read about Him in the New Testament and in the prophesies about Him sprinkled throughout the Old Testament.

What is the Holy Spirit? Actually, the proper question is Who is the Holy Spirit. He is the part of God that is still on the Earth today. Living inside of you and working on your behalf.

Still, this whole what is the Trinity question can be pretty confusing. An analogy that really helped me was looking at the idea of H2O.

Now, H2O can take three different forms. It can be water, which is a liquid form. It can be ice, which is its solid form. And, yet another form it can take is steam or vapor. Each form is still H2O, but each form has different purposes.

Now, take a look at yourself. You may be a mother, a daughter, and a wife. Each of those are different aspects of who you are, but they are all you.

Another thing that may help is to try thinking about a married couple.

When a couple gets married, the two become one in the eyes of God. This is because their spirits are joined together. They are no longer separate entities, they are two parts of the same whole. Makes you want to be extra careful of who you marry Bible study online Christan Smiley .

What is The Trinity:
Lesson 3 of The God of the Bible

Reflection Questions

1. Are you still having trouble understanding the idea of the Trinity? If so, pray, and ask God to reveal the missing pieces of the puzzle to your heart. Ask for clarity and wisdom.

2. Optional Activity: Studying each part of the Trinity will give you a more intimate understanding of the entire Person of God. Write things that have struck your heart to your "Who is God" list that you made in Lesson 1.

Let's Try Again!

Now, if a non-believer walked up and asked you, "What is the Trinity?" do you think you could explain it to them a bit better?

Knowing the true identity of God is the first step to developing the relationship with Him that you truly desire. To move your own personal answer for "What is the Trinity?" from your head to your heart, take some time to study Its different aspects. You may want to begin by getting to know the Holy Spirit a bit better. Find out why God has sent you the Holy Spirit, how to to develop the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, and His vital role in your destiny!

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