Family Christian Character Education Course:
Teaching Your Kids To Fight the Darkness

As arrows are in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. ~Psalm 127:4 (AMP)  

Christian Character Education-Father son piggy back ride

This Free Christian Character Education Course is your chance to sit down as a family and discuss the truths hidden in God's Word.

As I've said before in other Bible Studies, the Christian family is under attack.

Taking our children to church on Sunday no longer prepares them to stand against Satan's tricks. 

So, let's teach our kids to kick Satan's butt with the Word of God!

These free Bible study lessons for children will guide you in sharing your passion for God with your kids in a way that they can understand.

And they're good godly fun for the whole family!

Each of the Bible study lessons for children is printable and comes with its own free Bible Study activities. You'll not only enjoy the discussion questions, but will have fun with word puzzles, mazes, and the occasional family challenge!

Personalizing the bible study lessons for your children

Your Free Christian Character Education Lessons and Activities

Lesson 1: Children's Bible Study on Lying
Lesson 2: Children's Bible Study on Kindness

Lesson 3: Kid's Bible Study On Ephesians 6 - Obedience

Bonus Lesson: Kid's Thanksgiving Bible Study:
Developing a Heart Full of Thanksgiving and Praise!

NEW!  Looking for more kid's Christian character education resources?  These fun cartoons on Christian Character
can help you train your children up for God!

314643: Character Builders: 8-DVD Set Character Builders: 8-DVD Set

Capture your child's imagination with the delightful Character Builders series! In these animated episodes, your child will learn valuable lessons about the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Filled with entertaining characters to teach important spiritual truths, Character Builders is sure to be a family favorite. With heart-warming stories and fun-filled songs, your child will enjoy learning positive character traits. Animated for today's generation, these adorable, timeless classics are perfect for young children on a car ride or at home with the family. Recommended for ages 2 to 7.

314636: Character Builders: Patience and Peace, DVD Character Builders: Patience and Peace, DVD

In Patience: Snails in a Hurry, travel with Herbert the Snail and his family as they go to the circus! During the trip, they talk about the exciting things they want to see. After they arrive, there is a long line for tickets! Some snails want to sneak in, but Herbert decides to be patient and wait his turn. All the snails learn waiting is the right thing. Two sing along songs on Patience are included in this touching episode.

In Peace: The Song without a Heart Nancy plays badly at her piano lesson after not practicing. Because she wants to play well at the recital, she practices all week long! She tells The Conductor about her song and how she told her teacher a lie. The Conductor teaches Nancy how to tell the truth to find peace in her heart. Included are two delightful songs about Peace.

314568: Character Builders: Obedience and Self-Control, DVD Character Builders: Obedience and Self-Control, DVD

In Obedience: More Trouble with Tuffy, take a trip to the zoo with Tuffy and his friends! In this adventure, Tuffy and Stevie travel to visit animals, like elephants and monkeys, with their school class. After not following his teacher's directions, Tuffy learns an important lesson about listening to those in charge. Included are two fun songs about Obedience.

In Self Control: Benny and the Birthday Berries, join Benny the Bear as he travels to Herbert the Snail's birthday party! Benny's job is to bring dessert berries to the party, but soon Benny begins to eat them. Scooter the Caterpillar helps teach Benny the lesson of stopping when it's good for you and others. Added are two engaging, sing along songs on Self Control.

314629: Character Builders: Confidence and Love, DVD Character Builders: Confidence and Love, DVD

In Confidence: Little Duck Fun Dash, join Smuggles as he reads a sign about Agapeland's Duck Dash. Smuggles meets a baby duck, Weatherbee, who doesn't want to race. But after Weatherbee runs Milly, a baby mouse, to the hospital, he decides to enter the race. With Smuggles' help, Weatherbee runs the race and learns how to be confident. Two captivating songs on Confidence are included.

In Love: The Broken Jewel Stevie and Nancy are excited to visit the Royal Concert and The ConductorT! Both of them have sparkling glass heart tickets to the show. After Nancy breaks her heart, Stevie offers her his heart instead so she can go to the concert. Stevie learns the importance of wanting the best for someone else. Added are two charming songs on Love.

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Christian Character Education Course

Teach kids to live for God in a way they can enjoy. Each printable lesson comes with its own Bible Study activities.

Introduction: Using Your Free Christian Character Course

Lesson 1: Children's Bible Study on Lying

Lesson 2: Children's Bible Study on Kindness

Bonus Lesson!
Kid's Thanksgiving Bible Study:  Developing a Heart Full of Thanksgiving and Praise!

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