Kid's Bible Jigsaw Puzzle:
Praising God is Fun!

Soliving your free on line Bible Jigsaw Puzzle is Tons of Fun!
How To Play: To start playing, just click on one of the puzzle pieces with your mouse.  Holding down the mousel button, drag each puzzle piece where you think it goes. No need to rotate the pices - They are already flipped in the right direction to keep the online Bible game simple for kids. 
When you correctly connect two of the right pieces, you will hear a sound. That sound tells you that you're pieces go together, and have been connected into one piece. 
Need a Simpler Puzzle for a Younger Child? Slimply press the Change Cut button to you left and select 6 Piece Classic.  This gives you a much easier 6 piece version of the same Bible jigsay puzzle.   
Is Your Child Stumped? Just press the Auto Solve button, and they can watch the puzzle come together before their very eyes!
Do You Want to Go Again?  Simply press the Shuffle Pieces button to get a fresh start!
Don't forget to use this time to talk to your kid's about how much fun it can be to praise the Lord!  If you would like to continue teaching your child about praise and worship, they will truly love the praise and thanksgiving kid's Bible study and the Musical Praise and Worship Bible Crafts.
Note: This Bible puzzle may take a few moments to load depending on your Internet speed.
Have Fun!

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Pictures from Christian Clipart

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