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Fear Bible Study Reflection Questions

by Noel

In our free fear Bible study, we discovered that fear is not just a negative emotion, but a form of spiritual attack. Here is Noel's response to our reflection questions:

1. When you read that fear is a spirit, what does that mean to you?
It shows me that it is not emotional or a part of my character but a demonic spirit operating in my life, this needs to be dealt with by praying and challenging it with Gods word

2. Think back over your Christian walk. Have you ever allowed fear to stop you from doing something great?
I have allowed fear to stop me in great things because of hesitation and not being self controlled fearing that i will fail. I believe that one must learn how to bounce back and my fear is that i won't bounce back.

3. When Jesus reached out His hand to save Peter, He asked him, "Why did you doubt me?" Why is that question so significant?
Because doubt is fearing God, and this passage shows that Peter was bold enough than the other disciples to walk on water but doubt has no respect of a people.

4. Before this fear bible study, have you ever thought of your hidden fears as being double minded? How do you think it makes your Heavenly Father feel when you have fear?
Yes I know fear is double minded but it is easy to forget this in a situation and I know God is not pleased because he says this person will not receive anything from God.

Want to learn more about the true nature of fear and how you can learn how to control it in your life? Read The Hem's Free Bible study on fear for yourself here!

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