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Living In Fear

by Joel

Embarrassing as this may be, I have been dominated by fear for a long time, and I still am. I will not go into the specifics of it but unfortunately my mind is dominated by what I consider to be logic and scientific reasoning and that is what's holding me back spiritually. I yearn for that spiritual peace that I see in other people, and yet here I am struggling with my fears.

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Comments for Living In Fear

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The Renewed Mind vs. Fear
by: Randall Roberson

Hi Joel,
My name is Randall, I am a preacher, and sometimes all of us have fear in our lives. I just read Ameerah's comments on this matter, and agree fully. Remember the scriptures tell us that God does not give us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of peace. Jesus said also, "My peace I leave with you..." Our enemy and Gods, plays on the part of the mind that tends to yield to carnallity, (this world), but our minds are renewed by the power of Gods Holy Spirit and acceptance of the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. We must therefore put on all of the armour God gave to us, and learn how to recognize the enemy's attack.
He wants us to fear, to be confused, not to have peace of mind, but these things are NOT of God.

Be fearful of only one, and that is God. And beware of certain things that science tries to make evident, because the Apostle Paul writes "...that many have been led astray from the faith, by sciences falsely so called."

God Bless You,
Randall Roberson

Fear is a spirit
by: Ameerah

Hi Joel,

Ameerah here. I totally understand what it feels like to be bound by logic. Even more so, my husband is a very logical and scientific man, and he struggled with that for year.

But, we have to remember that fear is a spirit. When our minds become filled with doubts and fears, we have to recognize that those fears are a form of spiritual attack.

As I talked about in the audio Bible study that I held on How to start controlling your thoughts, we have to learn how to fight back.

Just because you have always struggled with fear does not mean you always will. That is one of the traps of the enemy - Telling us things will never change. But, through the power of God, things can change.

Keep seeking God's wisdom on this matter and holding His Word in higher esteem than you do your own logic or this world's science. Science is just man's way of interpreting God's design. But, God's Word is still more trustworthy than our human understanding.

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis

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