The Holy Tabernacle and the Veil
Bible Study of Exodus 25 Lesson 2

What was the true purpose behind the building of the Holy Tabernacle?

We learned in Lesson 1 that the Ark of the Covenant would be an earthly dwelling place for God's Holy Spirit.   But, why did He command them to build the Holy Temple?

Have the people of Israel build me a holy sanctuary
so I can live among them.
-Exodus 25:8 (NLT) 

Inside The Holy TabernacleThe true purpose behind the building of the Holy Tabernacle can easily be lost amongst the details.

The details have their place.  But, not at the expense of the big picture.

What is the big picture?

God can not be in the presence of sin.  

Still  the love He holds in His heart towards man is boundless.  And, like any Lover, He does not want to be separated from His beloved. 

Even if He could no longer walk with man  as He did in the garden with Adam,  He devised a plan that would enable Him to at least live among His people.

But, any unclean thing that enters into the presence of the Lord will perish. That was the purpose of the veil.   Not as much parental punishment, as merciful protection.

It separated the temple of
meeting from the Ark of the Covenant.  It kept God's people from His Holy presence.

We learned about the Ark of the Covenant in Lesson 1.  God told Moses that the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant is where He would meet with Him (Exodus 15:22).  But, He commanded Moses:

And you shall hang the veil from the clasps
and bring the ark of the Testimony into place within the veil;
and the veil shall separate for you the Holy Place
from the Most Holy Place.
- Exodus 26:33 (AMP)

The veil was created to keep the Israelites, God's chosen people, away from His Holy Spirit.  

The Painfully Perfect Plan

There was only one man permitted to venture beyond that veil of the Holy Tabernacle, and  enter into God's presence once each year.  That was the high priest.  But, even he could not come empty handed.  To cleanse himself and the people of any unrighteousness, he brought a blood sacrifice into the Most Holy Place for safe entry  (Hebrews 9:7).  

Though the former plan lasted for a time, it could never be enough.  God's love for you is too strong.  He could not bare you living your entire life, never being allowed into His presence for yourself.  

So, God devised an even better plan.  But, it called for an even bigger sacrifice.

holy tabernacle jesusFor the gifts and sacrifices
that the priests offer
are not able to cleanse the consciences of the people who bring them.
For that old system
deals only with food and drink
and various cleansing ceremonies—
physical regulations that were in effect
only until a better system could be established.

- Hebrews 9:9, 10 (NLT)

Since the fall, God has been devising a "better system" to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. The perfect plan to make you able to commune with Him
once again.  

The Holy Tabernacle was merely a symbol of the final manifestation of that plan that was hidden in Jesus (
Hebrews 9:9).  A final sacrifice that would bring all other blood sacrifices to a close.  One that would finally allow you to go beyond the veil for yourself.

And Jesus cried again with a loud voice and gave up His spirit.
And at once the curtain of the sanctuary of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom...
-Matthew 27:50-51 (AMP)

The very instant that Jesus died, the veil that separated you from the Holy Spirit of God was ripped open from top to bottom!

Now, through Jesus' blood offering, you are finally worthy to be in God's presence.


Exodus 25 Bible Study: 
The Holy Tabernacle and the Veil

Reflection Questions

  1. Have you ever felt unworthy of entering into God's Holy presence for yourself?  Why or why not?

  2. Have you ever felt that there was some unseen "veil" keeping you from the presence of God?  If so, how does knowing that Jesus' death has already ripped that veil open for you change that?

Sometimes we can take the gift of God's Holy Spirit for granted.  We forget that the very opportunity for us to be in the presence of the Lord was bought with the blood of Jesus.  

Your loving Father wanted so much to commune with you, that, while you were still in sin, He sent the sinless to die so that you could be made righteous.  So that you could live your entire life in His presence.

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