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ASK...and it shall be given

by Anonymous

God is not a respecter of persons and He is a fair and just God. He would not be just if He gave to some but not to others. He said you have not because you don't ask but we always seem to leave out the latter part of that scripture, when you do ask you seek to fulfill your own lustful desires. So you still don't get what you ask for!!!

There was a time when I would be jealous of my sisters in Christ because they could sing, or teach or reach out to the unsaved. Whatever they were doing I would covet, until one day I realized that I was going about this the wrong way.

I wanted my spiritual gifts because I wanted to shine. I wanted people to praise me. It was not until I realized that my gift is not for me rather for the Body and it was then that my gift was at it's best.

If you are not sure what your gift is, ask God. I am a witness that if you have the right motives you will get whatsoever you ask for. Make sure that you are asking so that you can be edifying to the spiritual Body and not edifying the fleshly body!!!

God bless

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