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Holy Spirit Baptism

by Kwren

I am a born-again believer who recently asked for the Holy Spirit Baptism. That day two wise women prayed for me and urged me to speak in tongues, all I could say was "Holy" and I felt God was saying to me "Peace, be still". Later that day I spoke in tongues and have been since.

I only do it in my prayer closet and have only shared that this has happened with those two women. My husband doesn't believe in speaking in tongues and I don't feel this is the right time to share it with him.

I still feel slightly silly doing it and don't have a clue as to what I am saying. One of the women said she thought I was filled with the Spirit long ago and just hadn't spoken yet.

I know that the Spirit is working in me and I have all kinds of ideas for witnessing but when I ask my sisters at church they discourage trying to involve the church as a whole but encourage me to do whatever individually. I am not sure where to go with this and how to use the gifts given me.

I know that God works in His time, but I am eager. Is there advice from mature Christians?

By the way our church is small, maybe 35 total.

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Prayer in the Holy Gost
by: Owen

Kwren, its great to know uv recived the Holy Spirit I just encorage u to pray as often as you can.In Jude V 20. we read. But ye, beloved, building up yourself on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Gost, I found through prayre in the spirit I recived faith witch gave me peace, I am able to wait upon the Lord. Pray build yourself up in Spiritual Faith, grow in peace, wait upon the Lord & he will give you the opotunity top speak to your husband & friends. Yours in Christ Jesus Owen (Australia)

Women's Group
by: Michele in VA

I think it is awesome that you are filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. My heart is grieved b/c you cant exercise your gift or share it with you husband. But I do know that too many legalisms in our churches today do look at things alot differently. There is a womens group(interdenominational) called AGLOW....go on the web to aglow.org and find a group near you. You will be able to share your gift with other spirit filled women of God. It will change your life. Love in Christ

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