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Holy Spirit Gifts and Baptism

by pbchapman
(New York)

Is the Holy Spirit gifts in the Books of Acts still alive or did they cease when the Bible was completed?
Is there a baptism in the Holy Spirit separate from the indwelling of the Spirit at salvation?

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The Holy Spirit still operates amongst believers
by: Loria Versher

It is an awesome experience to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit, to know that the room is filled with this glory. Praise and worship can be an avenue the brings us into the most holy place where healing, deliverence, prophecy and other gifts flow.

Prayer is also a place where the spirit is active. I'm thinking of a corporate worship and prayer experiences where the gifts flow when the hearts of Gods people are set only on him.

The scripture states that "in the last days, the Holy Spirit will be poured out on ALL men". With a statement like that, I believe that more workings of the spirit will come and the gifts will flow even more as the word says.

Your answers aren't far away!
by: Ameerah

Praise the Lord! When we seek God's truth, He always has it there waiting for us. And, the questions that you've asked are great ones. They are great because they are POWERFUL! Once you truly receive their answers, God can use the Holy Spirit to change every area of your life and release you to be God's workman here on the Earth.

You can find your answers in these two free studies:
* Receiving The Holy Spirit
*Spiritual Gifts Bible Study: Do we all Have Access to Spiritual Gifts?

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis

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