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Spending Time With God

by Annie (ohiohillbilly)

I do not spend enough time in the Word! GOD asks for ten percent of our money, gifts, talents and time only!! HE gives me 24-7 and for each 24 all he asks is for 10 percent! 2hrs and 40 min a day!! thats all! Thats for the basics of walking with HIM!

All else, all our offerings in all areas are left to us! BUT HE also blesses us with oh so much more than we can ever give! If I give HIM 4 hrs, He gives me much more wisdom, growth, all things good!!

Please pray that I will willingly give up wasted time (like reading other books or tv that is not something I need ). No matter how busy I am, all the time I give to him multiplies all the rest in every area!

For instance; if I have 4 cans of green beans and share them with someone who is in need, I have always found He will take me to a sale where I can get 8 for the price of the four!! So why do I hedge at times? Why do I delay or get caught up in 'maybes' or 'I don't knows'??

Please pray for me as I try to grow closer to HIM in all areas, freely! willingly!

Thank you, GOD BLESS YOU!

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I agree
by: Traci

Annie, I am in complete agreement with you! I don't know how many times I have put off tithing for no reason other than I was lazy. There was plenty of money in the account, then suddenly it was all gone and we were tight for the next month or so. Then other times, I have looked at the account and thought 'Ok God, there's not enough in here to pay our bills and eat and tithe, but I'm trusting you.' And I tithed right at that moment, and there was still money when the end of the month came, all the bills were paid, and we were all fed.

I had never though of tithing my time. You have given me a new goal. Thanks for your comment.

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