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Fruits of the Spirit Lesson 2

by Lisa
(Hopkins, SC)

In our free Bible Study on the Fruits of the Spirit, we broke down each of the 9 fruits, one by one. In lesson 2 of our Bible study, we talked about love, joy, and peace.

Here are Lisa's Response to that lesson...

Q.1 Why do you think that it is significant that Jesus uses the action verb Agapao to describe the kind of love that the Holy Spirit wants to develop inside of you?

Because love is an action word it involves saying as well as showing love.

Q2 Why do you think God tells you that His joy is what acts as your strength during trying times? Can you think of a time when His joy kept you strong?

Because if we have joy we know that God is able to bring us out of what ever situation we are in. Joy is not based on happiness it is based on who God is in our life.

Q3. Why do you think so many Christians today struggle with receiving and maintaining God's peace? Do you feel that you have a problem maintaining your peace?

We allow the things we go through to be in control rather than giving it all up to God. It is he that handles everything we may encounter.

Comments for Fruits of the Spirit Lesson 2

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God is moving NEW
by: patricia

Good morning every one my name is patricia I am an inspiring writer working on my manuscript. I can feel God moving on my behalf. was feeling a little down today myself and didn't know why. everyday I carry my word around with me studying Gods word. with out it I know I wont be able to make it. "I call it my American express card" my card no matter how much of it I spend I never go in doubt or become bankrupt but It will always be refilled 24/ 7. God is moving today I was looking for where God was at work so I began searching for something new in him and proverbs 31 woman lit up in my eyes began reading and studying some of the scriptures on it amazin I got so much revelation about myself and the word began showing me that I am on my way become that woman I always said to myself I am "a woman after God's own heart." its actually a chapter in my own book. thanks for your website I love it its so beautiful simple and straight to the point our God is an awesome and a amazing God. I could not live my life with out him. and those feelings we get sometimes like depression unexplainable feelings they are not of God they are of the enemy and I have learned to sit them down and cast them out knowing inspite of it all My father loves me with an everlasting love and he always has my best interest in his hand. we can go through those emotions but we don't have to welcome them in or settle for them. just say, "NO." we win all the time amen be encouraged all keep on shining God bright light. this is a website I will make part of my morning glory time with my father thanks again hugs and kisses to u all

Joy and overcoming depression
by: Brendadette Henry

Good evening its a pleasure to see that someone responded to my cry. Immediately my shoulders felt a little relief. This morning I woke up and said to myself let go and let god. Listened to spiritual uplifting music to my mind, body and, soul. putting behind or attempting to put behind the things that I cannot change of fix immediately. Today was not so devastating but im holding on and i know that my body will be healed its just a matter of faith and patience. now im looking into the next lesson. all feel free to email me Im also studying the fruits of the spirit. which i know will help me in my healing process.

Depression is not God's Will for you
by: Ameerah

Hi Brendadette,

My name is Ameerah and I am the author of most of the Bible studies here at The Hem.

I wanted you to know that you are not alone. One of the enemy's most overused tricks is to try and steal our joy because God's Word says that the joy of the Lord is our peace.

If you are really struggling in this area, I would really recommend our short study Waging War Against Christian Depression. I really think that it can open the door for God to begin working His healing power in this area of your life.

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis
Are YOU a Student of God?

by: Brendadette Henry

Grace an peace to all those that come upon this answer tonight. This is my first time on this bible study. Iam a 41year old afican american female just to inroduce myself. Its amazing that god sent me to this study because iam feeling so depressed and in need of uplifting. Joy Joy Joy yes god gives us joy, so y am i feeling so sad, depressed because i have not been trusting in him and allowed evil to come into my spirit. iam turning it around tonight resting only in his word. please feel free to respond. my email is octane

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