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Mother's Bible Study

by Shelly Adams

Here is Shelly's Mother's Bible study on what God expects of us as mothers...

I am a Christian woman who loves the Lord. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I am 49 years young.

Date of Entry: July 10,2008

Scriptures: Exodus: 2:1-10

My thoughts...

Jochebed took motherhood as of from the Lord and nurtured her children in God's ways. She was a caring, Godly mother and was a woman of great faith. Sometimes, as mothers, we give birth, we take our children to church and offer them to God. But, what happens after then? We need to continue to nurture them in God's ways. As mothers, we need to make sure that they're in Sunday school and church, so that they will be able to grow spiritually.

And, as mothers, we need to spend time with God. Jochebed spent time with God, He was able to impart wisdom and insight in her life. As Christian mothers, that is what we need to do, so that we can have God's direction for our children.

The role of a mother is to preserve the life of our children. We need to keep them from being devoured by the enemy. We can ask God to help us to nurture our children so that their purpose in life will be fulfilled. Because of the kind mother that Jochebed was to Moses, he went on to become the deliverer of a nation.

As mothers, we should enjoy the identity of being a mother. We should capitalize on purpose because God chose us on purpose for such a time as this. Let us begin to bless our children the way Jochebed blessed Moses. Yes, there are times when our children will rebel against us, there are times when we will have sleepless nights. But as mothers, we need not give up on our children but we should pray for them.

God had a plan for Moses and He also has plans for our children, but it is us as mothers who would dare to go all out to make sure the plan becomes reality. God will take note of our own efforts to deliver our own children. All we have to do is trust God and He will give us wisdom and knowledge to take care of our children.

I encourage all mothers to do your best to follow God's plan for being a mother and during the process, be sure to enjoy them.

Sometimes I wonder if we weren't praying mothers, what would become of some of our children. I can remember in my own life with my fifteen year old son. At one time I thought that I would loose him because of him wanting to rebel against his father and I. I can remember quite clearly, one night about 12 0'clock, I sat at my dining table praying and crying for him. And you know what, God heard my prayer and saw my tears and he is nineteen years old now and you would not believe that he was the same guy who, at one time, thought the world was running away from him. God indeed hears and answers the prayers of mothers.

Mothers, would you purpose in your heart to be a mother like Jochebed and always pray for your children?

My prayer for all mothers is that you will trust God for whatever crisis you are going through with your children presently and that you will seek God's direction for being the mother that He desires for you to be.

God Bless you mothers.

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