Crystal's Testimony: Free From Drug Addiction c2-head***

Crystal's Testimony: Free From Drug Addiction

by Crystal Moore

I'm from Florida. My parents divorced when I was 11. My life was dysfunctional. I started using drugs when I was 13.

I have a history of sexual abuse. I got married when I was 22 had my first child at 23. I suffered from depression and really started abusing prescription pills and getting high all the time. I had my second child at 24 and suffered more depression and really exploded. I continued that behavior for eight more years, all the while claiming I was a Christian.

My husband had enough after I went into my 4th rehab. I came out worse than when I went in, met someone - the typical rehab story. I thought he could really relate to me and I thought he cared and, in some sick way, I guess he did. We were no good for each other. He was a heroin addict. My husband made me leave home and I took off to Boston with this person who I didn't even know.

Anyway that ended after a few months THANK GOD. He was a con man. I had to live on the streets by myself for awhile. All I had was my car and my clothes. No food and no money,I stayed where I could, and slept where I could.

I got addicted to cocaine really bad,that was a nightmare. All the while claiming I was a Christian. I got saved in 1995, but I kept this behavior going for years. I left my kids, my husband, everything I knew to get high. That was so much more important to me, so I thought.

I finally got clean moved back with my hubby and kids and then moved to another county 150 miles away. I stayed sober for awhile, then I started using again: pot,cocaine,and,pills. It felt like it was happening all over again and everything I had worked for was slipping away.

Finally I had enough! If I claimed to be a Christian, I should start living like one. I didn't want to be a hypocrite anymore. I found a 9 month treatment/discipleship faith based place and really opened my eyes to what God wanted for my life. It changed my life. It's like I saw God again for the first time. It was truly amazing.

I knew I would succeed. I new that's where God wanted me. I am almost 2 years clean in September.

For anyone out there who is feeling hopeless like I was, God does care. Just seek and search He's there. Sobriety can happen. Having a relationship with God is better than any high I've ever had.

Thanks for letting me share, Sorry it's so long.

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