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Stand for God NOW!  
Demand a "No" Vote
On The U.S. Freedom of Choice Act!

father small child abortion actLet's stand against the darkness and stop the act that will give abortion clinics carte blanche!

Have your name added to the petition that will save millions. 

Call 1-800-942-1974 or
Sign It Online at

The Freedom of Choice Act is a piece of legislation that Pro-Life citizens have already defeated several times over the past 15 years.  But, after President Bush signed the Ban for Partial Birth Abortions earlier this year, this dangerous piece of legislation was re-introduced as the abortion industries way of fighting back.

What The Freedom of Choice Act Will Do

If passed, this act will make it illegal for the governments to EVER pass a law that regulates the abortion industry.  It will also turn back the hands of time, erasing all of the regulations that the Pro-Life campaign has gotten the government to enforce.  This means:
  • Parental Consent for Abortions Would Be Abolished!
    • A 12 year old who can not get aspirin from the school nurse without her parent's approval will be able to have an abortion using your tax money without ever consulting her parents!
  • There will no longer be a waiting period required before this unalterable decision.
  • They would no longer be required to tell the women and girls the whole truth.
    • Since science has proved the baby feels pain, it has been legally required for the abortion clinics to tell the mother this, and offer her anesthesia for her baby.  Abortion clinics don't like doing this because it challenges what they are telling the mothers - that the baby is not yet a person.
    • With this Act, they would not have to tell the mother how far along she is or which gestational period her baby is in. This also helps them by not making the mother feel like she is carrying a real life inside of her.
  • This Act also means that partial birth abortions would be legalized forever!
    • Partial birth abortions are a 3 day process where the woman actually gives birth with the baby in the breached position.
    •  With only its head still inside of the womb, the infant's brain is suctioned out.
    • Then, the mother finishes the birthing process.
    • The future development of breast cancer is a known side-effect of partial birth abortions!
Without this legislation, there are already nearly 5,000 abortions every single day.  Each year, 9 million school age girls get an abortion, even with the law as it stands.  But, this Act would tie the hands of the government from regulating this industry of death.  There is no way to know how much these numbers would increase.

Let's stand against the darkness.  Have your name added to a petition that will be sent to the government officials in your own state. 

Call 1-800-942-1974 or
Sign It On line at

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