Thank You for Your Booking Request

Ameerah Lewis, Christian Speaker in Cincinnati Ohio Area

Thank you so much for your interest in having Ameerah come in and share God's Word with your group.  She will contact you shortly to discuss the details of your event.

If you need to contact her before then, here is her contact information:

Speaker's Full Name
Ameerah Lewis

Phone Number:
(513) 294-8862

Email Address:
Ameerah's Email

*Please note that Ameerah is a Christian speaker in the Cincinnati Ohio area.  She is NOT a motivational speaker, but a Bible Teacher called to share God's Word with the world. Please Read Her Mission and Statement of Faith if you have any questions as to her beliefs.

Travel:  Ameerah is currently available to speak in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Maximum travel distance 120 miles

Compensation:  For Events 60-120 miles outside of Cincinnati, gas reimbursement is appreciated. Additional compensation is not required, but donations are welcomed.

Finished Booking Ameerah for your Christian Event?
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