A Renewal of My Spirit: An international student 's testimony c2-head***

A Renewal of My Spirit: An international student 's testimony

(Lowell, MA)

Picture by Siraphat

Picture by Siraphat

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I want to share my families testimony to you all.

In past two years, I've been blessed. I was an international student from Taiwan.

Actually, I accepted God in 2005 when I was joining the International Student Christian Fellowship in San Diego. After four years, I was still like the Sunday Christian. Without any renewal spirit's worship when I attended the Sunday service before. During January of 2009 in Massachusetts, I received bad news from Taiwan that my mom had lung cancer stage 4; I was so weak and hopeless. I couldn't just drop everything and go back home, my spring semester had just started. But I was so worry about my mom's situation. I realized there is only thing that I could do, turn back to God and seeking Him for help. After nonstop prayer to God, I decided to get baptized in March of 2009 so I could receive all of God.

Thank you God! I was finishing my degree and going back home in the summer of 2009. All I wanted to do was stay with my mom and tell her how great our God is. (My family were unbelievers). There are just 5% Christian in Taiwan.

Actually, it is not easy to evangelize in Taiwan. Especially, when there are so many temples in Taiwan.)

Praise the Lord! My mom decided to be baptized in October of 2009.That's wonderful. God was healing her for sure. After the chemotherapy, the lung tumor was smaller than before, and the Doctors said if my mom was going to take endoscopic surgery, she might have another chance for total recovery. The surgery was successful and she was recovering. My mom told me that she can feel God's love and words when she attended worship service at church.

In the past two years, my father, brother and sister, all realized that God is healing my mother. They have all accepted God. I have gotten married and have moved back to US with my husband.
God is really awesome. HE is always listening to our prayer. Even when we were yet sinners.

I know God has His plan for each of us. I can say the Christian life is not always easy. However, God is keeping His promise and He is still listening, we need to keep praying and continue to seek His words. God's word is always encouraging me even when I am facing challenges.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. << Psalm 23:4 >>

Recently, my husband and I lost our baby during my pregnancy. We are currently going through the pain and grief process. We are getting better and better. We are hoping we can find each other through the Lord and support each other through this journey of healing. Even when I am weak, I am learning to give my burdens to Jesus.

My mom is still doing chemotherapy, her faith is became stronger. She has gone through chemotherapy and every three-month's she receives a CT check . Even if I through I am not right there with her right now, I think God is always staying and walking with her. Please keep pray for us. Your love and prayers mean everything to us.

God Bless you all,

YuChen Cheng

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