A typical teenage dilemma c2-head***

A typical teenage dilemma

by Joe
(Hailsham, England)

So I'm a 16-year-old Christian, just started college. There's a Christian girl at school, I've liked her for a while (about four years), we're quite close friends and I daresay she's the prettiest girl I'll come across for a long time. In about May, we were just talking on facebook and she asked if I liked anyone, and so I told her I liked her, and she said it was really sweet and everything. All the time, though, I had to put up with her and my cousin (who went to the same school) 'flirting' and I did my best to ignore it, with God's help of course. But my cousin was going out with a girl at the time, and they split up in about June. Anyway, my cousin and Christian friend are now going out, which has made me confused and angry. My cousin's already had sex with his last girlfriend, and drinks and swears, and yet the Christian girl I love likes him.

Is there any advice anyone can give? It's been about a month now and I get spurts of anger when I just feel like God's playing a joke or something, but I know he isn't. I hate to use the term "it's not fair" but it really is like that. I'm so confused, because I don't know what God wants. I know exactly what I want, which is for my cousin to cheat on her, but is that something I should be praying for? The way I see it is that I have at least two big choices:
- Give up loving her, and wait for God to show me someone else, which I'm obviously not up for doing
- Keep waiting: this sort of pain is God's challenge, and I should pray for patience and guidance

If there's anyone that can somehow relate to this, or similar, I just want to hear advice/prayer ideas. The worst thing is that I can't tell anyone - my parents are Christians, but I don't think they could think of the right advice. My Christian friend knows I like her, and she said she was sorry when they started going out ... but anyway, I'll stop talking ... apologies to those older people on here, you must think this isn't as disastrous as I've made it out to be but it's still very hard! Please drop a comment if you can help, I'd appreciate it muchly :)

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