about God promise on marriage and does God answers prayers if I myself stil on re connecting with HIM... c2-head***

about God promise on marriage and does God answers prayers if I myself stil on re connecting with HIM...

by jophine

My husband and I are born chatolic,then it came to the point that we were attending Advintist Church...after a year or two he bacame unbeliver ,me too little by litlle its like marination im absorbing his bellief...my faith bacame weak untillI i question if does he really exist or not ..i dont blame him for this because thats my choice...we have two kids but didnt loose thier faith in the Lord ( though its not that deep,probably bacause thers no nourishment )....now that were facing a crisis in my marriage with my hunsband for about 2 years now untill he left us already for almost a month now im so desperate and depress bacase i canot see Hope anymore...lots of my friend were telling to turn to God....I badly want to but i have this feeling that is it right bacause of this crisis now im turning to HIM? i cant explain my feelings...ASSHAME maybe?...not deserving maybe?? ...Please help i want to have a relationship with the LORD so He can ive me Hope bacause they said in Lord theres is always HOPE...but ist that acceptable to the LORD?...I know im not a deserving child...do i have the right to turn to him?? how can i increase my faith to Him and believe HIs promise? does He have promise on marriage? does He restore marriage on people like me?/us? , I wonder if the lord have plans in our marriage? is there any scripture in the bible can enlighten me if our marriage can be restore.I may self still trying to RE CONNECT my relationship to the Lord/ Is there any HOPE...how can i turn to HIm...??

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by: Anonymous

There is ALWAYS hope in our Father in Heaven! Just because you have backslidden does not mean He won't listen to you or even answer your prayers.
God WANTS you to turn to Him. Having a relationship with you is His greatest desire. And, just for you He died for your sins, for the sole purpose of saving you in order to have that relationship. Go to Him. Confess your sins, and then ask for His help. Restore that relationship with our Father, and He will direct your paths. Just make sure you want to do HIS WILL. Ask Him to show you what HE wants you to do, and then listen and obey! But always turn to Him, for He is always with you and always wants what is best for you. No, we may not "deserve" it, but He does it out of pure LOVE for us! Praise the Lord! And He is a God of restoration! Nothing is impossible for Him.

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