Anger c2-head***


by Anonymous

I'm angry at God. I'm heartbroken. I feel like he has ripped my heart out of my chest and dashed on it with such heavy force. How can God let someone suffer with illness for months even though they pray and read the bible and ask for forgivness and generally have a good heart. How can I say that God is mericiful and compassionate when he seems more like an authoratative dictator with no mercy. I don't understand how God can hurt and send terrible illnesses upon the creation he so called "loves". What kind of a father would make their child sick? I don't want to be angry at him but then again I have all the reasons to be. I'm fed up with all the games. It's almost like I see him as having so much power that he takes advantage of it to prove that he is the greatest. He's mad at us for sinning so he punishes us in the worst ways but at the end of the day we are all just dirt. We are nothing. So how can he do this to us? Why does he expect so much of us when he should know that we are nothing but dust.

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