Being In love with a married man c2-head***

Being In love with a married man



How do I end this relationship, it's very hard have lasted over a year, feel like gonna be hurt if I leave or stay...

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Adultery Hurts
by: Ameerah

Hi, Ameerah here from The Hem Bible Studies.

It's so interesting that yo say that you feel this will hurt either way, if you leave or if you stay. There is a reason for that - Adultery hurts everyone involved. That is why God warns us against it - Not because He is trying to keep us living boring uninteresting lives. Not because He doesn't understand what we are going through, but because He does understand.

He created you, so He knows what can and will hurt you. In His ultimate love for you, He gives you instructions on how to navigate through this life with the least amount of pain. But, often we think He just doesn't understand, and we venture out on our own. And we find ourselves hurting in ways our Father never wanted for us.

How do you break it off. There is no painless way to do this. Unfortunately when we break God's laws, we open the door for the enemy to bring in pain and strife. But, I truly believe that if you take this situation to God and repent, once you break it off, your Heavenly Father will comfort you. In fact, if you truly seek Him, He can use this to draw you closer to Himself, and to somehow bless you. He can turn this around if you are willing to truly seekHim. He still loves you and is waiting to forgive you and cleanse you. He has a plan for your life that is so much more fulfilling than your own. I know most of us have a hard time believing that anyone knows best other than us, but just stop and think for a second...the Creator of the universe has for YOU. He loves and cares for you enough to make plans just for you.

How do you break it off? Quickly decisively and permanently.

God Bless,

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