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Bible Study on Naomi

by Myrtle Richards
(Georgetown, Guyana)

In our Bible study on Naomi, we talked about how God gives us all hope through the famines of life. Here is Myrtle's response to that lesson.

1. Have you ever felt like everything in your world was crumbling around you? Have there been times in your life when you've thought "The Lord Himself has raised His fist against me" (Ruth 1:13b NLT)
When I was a lot younger - especially when my father died (he died when I was 16 years old)I felt like everything in my world was crumbling and indeed I had felt that 'the Lord Himself had raised His fist against me' but ... then some relatives assured me that everything would be all right. They assured me that just as how God takes care of the birds in the skies, the fishes in the sea and the flowers, etc. that He would be taking care of me the same way. Over the years I have proved them to be correct because I know that my God does not fail me - all I need to do is to have faith in him.

2. Why do you think that even though Naomi was bringing Ruth home with her, she felt that she was coming home empty? What can we learn from her incorrect assumption?
To my mind Naomi felt that she was returning home empty because she was returning without her husband and sons who had all died in Moab. Up to that point she did not see Ruth as a blessing in her life but in the end she came to realize that Ruth was indeed a blessing. We can learn from her innocent assumption that in every situation we must always see good. There was Naomi being pruned by God for something great to come (i.e. the birth of Jesus Christ through her lineage) but because she was not prepared to let God mold her, she was very bitter. So much that at one time she said "don't call me Naomi (pleasant), call me Mara (bitter)." We, therefore, can learn from her that we must not assume things regardless of how the situation seem to us. Rather, we should place all situations in God's care and keeping and know that through prayer and our faith and belief in God that faith in God would remove any mountain. And, who knows we might end up saying like Joseph that "you meant it for evil but God meant it for good."

3. Why do you think it is significant that Naomi was not just blessed with a grandson, but an ancestor of Christ? What does that tell us about what happens when God restores us?
I think it is significant that Naomi was not just blessed with a grandson, but an ancestor of Christ because He wanted her to know that her famine of the soul was over. She had learnt to let go and let God. When she did so she was rewarded bountifully - through Ruth, she was blessed bountifully. We likewise, when we learn to let go and let God work in all situations in our lives, worlds and affairs, God then shows us indeed what He has aid in His word... "prove me and see if I would not open the windows of heaven and out-pour blessings too numerous to mention... pressed down, shaken together and running over." When God restores us, He is with us always, guiding us every step of the way. He speaks to us and guides us all the way - all we need to do is to listen and obey His still small voice as it speaks to us.

4. Based on what you've learned in this Bible study on Naomi, what legacy would you say that she has left for us as women of God?
Naomi has left a very important legacy for us as women - through her we are aware of the fact that in all situations we must see God. When we allow God to mold us to be what He created us to be we then are destined for greatness - one which many people would talk about for a long time to come.

Would you like to learn more about the spiritual legacy of Naomi, and how you can find faith in the driest seasons of your life? Read The Hem's free Bible study on Naomi here.

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