Blessings are NEVER a Mistake-Tiffany's Testimony c2-head***

Blessings are NEVER a Mistake-Tiffany's Testimony

by Tiffany H
(columbus,OH USA)

I want to testify about God's grace and blessing on me. Last year around this very time God blessed me with a new job. I prayed and prayed about the job and wanted it more than anything. I thought 'This is my chance to be great! This is my chance to show everyone my "skillz".'

And I did...for a while.

I promised God that I would testify and let everyone know His greatness and the position He blessed me with. Well I never got that chance to testify because the churches we go to don't really testify anymore.

Anyhow fast forward to now. I feel blessed to have a job that pays enough for me to be comfortable, have a home, and pay my bills. However, as you might be able to tell, now I can't stand my job.

I have been lied to, mislead, and given more false promises than I can count. I am not very happy in my job now and am currently praying for another.

I don't think that the job I have was not meant for me, but I do believe now it was intended to be a lesson from God, maybe even a test. But, now I know its time to move on.

I have a degree in teaching and mathematics, but I have let some road blocks stand in my way of being in the classroom. I think this job and experience is God's way of letting me know this is NOT where He wants me to be. So I'm going to pursue getting my teaching license and stop letting the devil influence my thinking and behavior.

I want to let the world know something very important. When you go to God for something you want so bad, you get it, and then you don't want it after a while, don't feel like it was a mistake. With God's blessing there are no mistakes!

God is just trying to tell you something, so open your heart and your ears and listen.

May God bless you and keep you!

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You R there for a Reason
by: Anonymous

Hello Tiffany,
I just wanted to say that you are there for a reason. God does not do anything haphazardly. If He out you there you are on assignment. Even if you are planning to leave, you still have a job to do. One thing that havs changed the way thati look at jobs is the relevation that God gave me. It was the revelation that my job is not my provider, rather God is and the jod is my assignment. I go there to live a life style pleasing to God so that others will desire to be saved. I go there to pray (even when it is silent prayer) for my co workers that are misusing me, and when they get bold and start to get ungodly i get bold and talk about God!!! Girl, if I were you I would be on a mission to take a soul with me when God moves you on!!! You are all the God that some will ever see so until He moves you, change your perspective. See your job as a mission as an assignment to work for Jesus!!!!

What a wonderful testimony
by: Ameerah

This is a wonderful testimony of how God can use any situation to help us to grow and mature in Him.

I think sometimes, when we pray, we do have a specific thing in our minds that we want. Sometimes, we want it so bad, that we find ourselves praying our own will instead of praying God's. I actually talk about that a little bit in the free prayer eCourse.

But, as you have proves here, if we are listening, God can speak through any situation in our lives, even if it was not His perfect will, to show us what His perfect will really is.

Thank you so much for sharing!

God Bless!

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