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But For The Grace of God: Stacey's Testimony

by Stacey

Being adopted, I always had to wonder, who am I really and Where do I really belong.

Although my adopted parents are wonderful people, they did not know how to cope with a child who had such questions, feelings, insecurities, abandonment issues. So eventually they sent me back to the same foster care system they found me in. I was 15 when I was sent back, and the Lord knew that only intensified all of those feelings.

One day, I was granted permission to go on an outing and met this slick talking fine young man that told me everything I wanted to hear. And that was the beginning of my life as a prostitute.

Years of Physical, mental and sexual abuse. I always heard the voice saying to me, Stacey, I have so much more planned for you, this is not where you are supposed to be.

Eventually I listened.

I got off the streets, put myself back into school and since then have lived as righteously as I know.

I still have my share of struggles, health problems, skeletons in the closet I am now ready to face at age 40. And it is by the Grace of God that I am at this computer being able to write my words.

Too many times I came close to death, or mental breakdowns, and each time, God carried me through. It is because of His Grace that I am here.

Praise God!

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God's grace is real!
by: Ameerah


This is an amazing story of God's amazing grace and His power to restore.

I was so blessed by your testimony. Reading it reminded me that none of us are too far for God to reach. Through all of our pain, His unyielding love can still reach us.

God Bless,

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