Can a pastor flirt with a girl and progress into sex talks in the net chat? c2-head***

Can a pastor flirt with a girl and progress into sex talks in the net chat?

by Jas

Salvatore Vuono

Salvatore Vuono

I have met him in the net chat room. I think he's a nice guy since he's a pastor. So he started flirting with me and then slowly the flirting and sweet talks progressed into sex talks.Every time we chat, he talked about sex and asked me if i wouid give him oral sex. That made me doubts if he's a pastor. So i checked into his church and found that he's really the pastor of the church.I'm so confused now.

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This Truly Saddens Me...
by: Ameerah

Ameerah here from The Hem Bible Studies.

This really saddens my heart in a special way. I would hate for you to have your faith shaken by another human beings weaknesses.

One thing that we have to remember is that Pastor does not mean Perfect. We are all fallible human beings. Yes, pastors are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard than this. He should be a man of integrity. Someone worthy of trust.

But, our enemy sneaks around like a lion, waiting to see who he can devour. He tempts each of us, targeting leaders and pastors especially because he knows how many people he can hurt if he can get them to fall prey to his devices.

For many Christians, lust is a REAL issue if we are going to be honest. and, with the creation of the Internet, we are given an easy way to fall deeper into that pit of the flesh. We think no one will know. But, God is looking in our hearts, crying out for us to turn them back towards him.

In my opinion, I would frankly, honestly and sternly explain how his actions have betrayed God and hurt you, and that you do not wish to have further communication with him. Then, as you press in to grow your own relationship with God, you can begin to pray for Him. Often, God allows us to see the weaknesses of others for that very reason - So we can help them by lifting them up in prayer.

I pray that God will help you make sense of all of this, and that this experience will not push you away from seeking God, but rather daw you closer to Him as you search ultimate truth in all things.

God Bless,
Ameerah Lewis
Hem of His Garment Bible Study Online
Helping You Connect to God in His Word

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