Can God REALLY forgive me for my past? c2-head***

Question: Am I decieved or saved?

by Tracey

A long time ago I fell away from God after being saved and baptized and just recently went back to the water to re-dedicate my life to Christ.

One problem that I am having is not feeling like I am saved because when I fell, I committed adultery and was divorced from my first husband and then remarried.

After getting married I felt the Lord strongly calling me back. I went with open arms for fear of being forsaken. Now I am wrestling with strong emotions and people telling me that God doesn't give second chances like this, that I am not really saved at all, just deceived into thinking I am.

It's just that I am so sure of Him calling me. Is this just satan's attempt to throw me off track? I have attempted to discuss this with my pastor, but no luck for fear of being made fun of. So I turn to you all.

Please help.

This not only is confusing but it hurts too.

I know that God don't condone adultery or divorce. My ex-husband was extremely abusive and I had to flee from him with my children. I know this isn't a good excuse, but I just couldn't tolerate it anymore and have since remarried.

What does the Bible say about this? Please help.

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God's Forgivness?

by R

In my foolish youth, I did terrible things. I used a lot of people for my own benefit, I was a liar, I was a cheat, I was a thief, and unfortunately I became pregnant twice, and didn't want either one. For the first one, I literally drank a teaspoon of turpentine trying to kill the baby inside of me. It knocked me out in a coma literally for two days. I am lucky to be alive. The second time, I had an abortion.

I am ashamed of myself and have been for years. I don't need anyone to tell me how terrible it was of me to do this. But back then, it was like I wasn't even conscience, or even had a conscience. Now, these years later, I finally walked into a church. The pastor came to me, saying that our spirits were witnessing to each other and that God had great plans for me. After a month, he put me in charge of the youth group,and all the kids love me, I've reached kids that per-say, couldn't be reached, they cling to me so much...also I play piano, sing, and sometimes teach adult bible school. I don't feel like I deserve all of this,but he keeps pushing me... and I don't feel that God could forgive me for being such a terrible person. This past couple weeks he told me, "Honey I'm not going to be around forever, and these people need someone to lead them. And out of this whole church, you're the only one that has humbled themselves enough to do it."

How can he say these things to someone like me??!?! I pray everyday for forgiveness, and my heart aches so much, but I don't feel that I could ever be good enough to deserve God's forgiveness, much less deserve to stand in His Glory preaching His name!! I am a new Christian, and this has been so overwhelming for me, can someone please help put this into perspective?

Can God really forgive me? I've asked and asked, but never have felt forgiven. So, how can someone who's such a terrible person and feeling not forgiven deserve to be a minister of any sort?

What does this pastor see in me, or is Satan trying to take hold of the church using me?

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