Christians attacks on fellow believers c2-head***

Christians attacks on fellow believers

by Rick Pushor
(Littleton, Colorado)

I work in a job where there are only two christians. Myself and my manager. Since I started working there my manager and I frequently shared our beliefs, faith, expectations of us at work as believers, ect. However, over time, my manager has begun increasingly to judge me, critisize me, hold me accountable, punish, and publically persecute me before all, when I had done nothing wrong. The more I pray for her, love her, and forgive her , the worse she gets towards me. She constantly quotes scripture, and jugdes the actions of others, especially me, but shows no glory of God in her live. I cannot approach her on this as she is in full denial and her persecutions of me continue to increase to the point of extreme personal and spiritual pain. I know that the one thing that the enemy of all christians is, is to keep us apart. Because together as believers we can accomplish many things in the service of our Lord. What do I do? I know that as believers we are promised one thing...we will suffer persecution. But at the hands of a fellow believer in christ? This is new to me and it is takeing all my spiritual and physical strenght to stand firm in the Lord. The Lord has placed not only me but also her there for a reason. Therefore I feel that the Lord wants me not to quit but endure and stand firm. I need everyones prayers to endure this. I know the enemy is hard at work and I will not retreat. Please, any help to understand this and all of your prayers to help me defeat the enemy and help this person to see the oppression she is under and prayer to forgive her, is greatly needed. Have you ever entered a room and felt the presence of pure evil all around you. This is such a place. I am in spirtitual battle every moment of every day. The enemy has even followed me home. I eventually had to go to the elders of my church to help me to finally evict this demon. Praise God for his mighty deliverence. The Lord's will was for me to not only see these demons but to fight them, and defeat them, with His mighty Word. I believe that these demonic attacks are now fighting me on a new front...throught the place and people I work for, and sadly, a fellow believer. I'm in a fight for my life...not my soul, that belongs to God.

In God's Glory

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