Coping with pass relationships c2-head***

Coping with pass relationships

by Sylvia
(Houston Texas)

I am 37, in my 2nd marriage and have 2 kids. I love the lord, and ministering through praise-dancing.

The question that I have is, how do you let the pass go and move on?

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Education NEW
by: Anonymous

Education is a motivating power which motivates a person to rise up once again with all his shine, charm and glory and defeat the negativity inside writers, work for his betterment and wellbeing plus also take an active part in the progress and prosperity of his country.

Let it go
by: Anonymous

I am also in my second marriage and miniter in praise dance. I am a little older than you but I understand the situation, for a long time I let the past relationship deterime the outcome of my present one but I had to realized that they were not the same people so I could not treat them them same way, but until we allow God to change us and teach us how to trully LOVE and Trust again that is when our thinking will change but we sometime get in own our way by holding on to things God want to take away. "Remember never let your past guide your future it only leads you back to the past". I know it might be hard but please sit down with your mate and talk about what is going on within you, you never know how it is effecting them and the love you both share for God and each other will make the situation better and of course PRAY TOGETHER!!!!
I know God will work everything out for you because he did it for me an my husband, I keep praying for you and your family

Letting go of your past
by: Anonymous

Hi I believe whatever your pass is before you let it go you need to face it .There may be unresolved issues that are rooted as far back as form your childhood that sawed to the past you're talking about.I would suggest that you fisrt pray that the lord will guide and teach you as you track it down form where and who you are right now right back to your upbringing.

Once you can recall your chilhood(upbring)reflect on how it relates to the grown up you've been or you are right now continue to pray asking the lord to help you get where you need to be without stumbling and loosing your focus (goal)Meaning your goal is not to blame people who 've wronged you ,it is to understand them and forgiving them,yourself and being assured that God has certainly forgiven you and has bigger plans for you than to keep you in a viscios cycle of guilt or unforgiveness to both yourself and those who did hurt you.
May God be with you as you embark on this journey because I know and believe that when God finishes with you'll be so ready for God's work you won't believe it's you.

Letting go of the past
by: Dian Ramsey

I don't know what your past has in it, but I learned that the best way to leave it behind is to first forgive yourself and then forgive those who have hurt you. when you do this, I promise you that you will be totally set free and can start your life living it totally for God and his glory. God Bless

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