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Costumes and God's View

In my life I have done and enjoyed doing things in costumes. I've volunteered at a local blood drive to play a costume character that resembled a large fluffy walking drop of blood in which I shook hands with and met children. I worked for a local, but national income taxpreparer in which I dressed up in a Miss Liberty or Statue of Liberty costume to promote the company's taxpreparing business to potential customers. I've volunteered in other costume character costumes as a volunteer at fundraising events. Years ago I had a part time job working as a Easter Bunny. I've volunteered to get into costumes and scare people in fundraising haunted houses. I have always had an enjoyment of getting into costumes and doing things in costumes like this. I've had an interest in what it would be like to get into either and or a gorilla or bear costume for an event or activity. So how does God see a person doing things in costumes? Again, I've done some volunteering at haunted houses and playing those characters to scare people many years ago. And at Halloween there are other costumes besides that of witches, ghosts, vampires, and werewolves like clowns and different animal characters. In addition, there are other jobs that involve getting into different costumes like Chuckie Cheese, the McDonalds costume characters, and gorilla costumes to do gorilla grams. I understand that I have probably thrown alot into this question but I have alot of concerns about how God sees these different types of costumes and different activities.

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