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So Im a very strong believer in God, everything I do, I put God first. I am 19 years old, I am dating my boyfriend who is 24. He is also a strong believer in God, holds bible studies, we pray everynight together on the phone, and when I am down he is constantly bringing different bible verses to my attention to lift me up. I am waiting till I am married to have sex, he respects that, and said he will wait for me. He comes from a great family, he truly loves me and I love him. I would do anything for him. He doesnt drink, do drugs, or party. Either do I. My family has not met him yet, but has talked to him, etc. They were all for him, UNTIL, I told my mom about his past, he was in jail for 2 years, and has some felonies. When he was 19 years old, he was at a party and ended up sleeping with someone who was 15. Long story short he got in trouble for that. My family, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncle, told me to end it. They said I have to choose between them and him, if I choose him then they said they are done with me. I love him, I want to marry him someday, and I know he doesnt have a perfect past, no one has a perfect past, but its what you do with your past if you use it to make you a better person or dont.He has truly changed and is using it to make him a better person.My question is I have no idea what to do! I need help!!

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According to the bible, God comes first. reguardless of what you want, or what your family wants or what that man wants. Ask God, wait for his answer. Do things the way God wants you to do them, regardless of what your family thinks. Like you said, nobody has a perfect past. When you marry a man, that man takes second place(first is god), your family comes in third. Or God is using your family to try to tell you that he is not the man for you, i do not know. Praying is talking to god, right? and god knows what's in that man's heart. i am 21, and my parents are divorced. maybe my dad was not the man God has for my mom, but if they hadn't had sex, i would not exist, and i would not be giving you this advice. Have patience, pray to god, and worship him, and follow his path. If you do, all that god has for you will come into your life.

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