About me..My name is Pam,an Evangelist and freelace journalist living in London England.

Scripture(s):Habakkuk chapter 2v3

My thoughts...A lot of People have been blessed with wonderful talents by God but the problem we have is that we dont know what what to do with it.I strongly believe that what you have will make a way for you,so dont give up.Hold on to your dreams,visions and aspiration,write it down so you dont forget or confuse yourself,and WAIT!...Man is naturally impatient and this has hampered a lot of us from recognising our God given Potentials.Many have ended up not realising their dreams,and given up on God.Well i've got good news for you...God never gives up on you.He believes in what He has put into you and knows that you can make it if you try.
When you put everything into a project and nothing seems to work,it's not time to get discouraged but to WAIT.Everything has a time and season,if it's not your time to shine please dont force it.For me,i don't care how long it takes for i know that it will surely work out for my favour.Try to be a little patient when things are delayed in your life,DELAY IS NOT DENIAL.When you dont seem to get that particular job you want,well maybe God is busy planning something better for you.When your marriage has been delayed and age is no longer on your side,and you want to just marry the next man that comes your way....maybe He's preparing a man after His heart,someone who will love and respect you.
Finally,God has the answer to all things.He's a good and Faithful God that will never forsake His own,therefore let us know whose we are and have faith in the only one who truly cares for us

Questions it brought to my mind...
What happens when we get impatient in life??we end up in a very miserable situation.What will happen to me if God allows me to do things my way or give everything thing i ask for in my time not His?
Where will i be today if it wasn't for God who was on my side??

My closing prayer...
Oh God my Lord and maker,thank you for your love that is so amazing,for your protection and provision.Please teach me to know that you care for me and to always take one day at a Jesus name Amen


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Oct 10, 2010
Delay not Denial
by: Pat

Hello Pam
Yes this is a very encouraging post I'm so very grateful that God never gives up on us and he is bringing out the best in us,because that's what he has put in us "Hallelujah"! I truly enjoyed the read have a good week.
Love you Sister
Pat Thacker

Oct 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is a good article and i wish a lot of people will get to see this. I pray that God will see us through,it's hard to just wait when u're believing God for something but i pray that God will give us all the grace.

Oct 10, 2010
Waiting For God
by: Francis

Please pray that I may wait for God, more often. When things don't succeed I don't blame Him as such, but blame myself and I don't think I'm good enough. Than I feel bad and I sin all over again, I don't wait for Him, I don't trust in His Goodness for me, because I feel I have distanced myself from God all the more by my sins.

Please pray for me that I may learn to wait for God's will to be done in my life.

Thank you

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