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Dian's Bible Study

by Dian Ramsey
(Morganton, NC USA)

This Bible study notebook chronicles Dian's Bible Study

About me:
I am a born again Christian who loves to teach and help children learn more about God and His teachings. I teach a 6th grade Sunday School class and I travel on missions trips each year and love to share what God has done in those trips. I love to share the gospel with people of all ages and feel that God has chosen me for this.

I am a nurse by trade and teach in our community college. I teach CNA's and also test CNA's. I work in a nursing home as an RN and love to share God's love with the residents and staff.

My desire for my life is to be totally given to Him and do whatever work He wills for me to do. I have taken a Children's writing class and hope that through this I can make a difference in children's understanding of our Lord and that I can help others to step out on faith and do the will of our Lord.

Mt ultimate goal is to see others come to Christ. That is my mission.

Entry #1

Date of Entry: 2/21/08

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 2:1-10 and Proverbs 3:5-7 also the Great Commission in Matthew

My Thoughts...
These scriptures came up while I was on my last mission trip to the Ukraine with a group of women that I did not know before we left. I had met with them briefly before we left.

We, as the first timers on this trip had gone through the feelings of the unknown, the packing and unpacking, feelings of weakness and not feeling adequate to be on mission for the Lord. Some had hardships with finances and leaving small children, our jobs and church responsibilities.

I was asked to do a devotion towards the end of our trip and I found these passages of scripture and as I read them I began to understand the full meaning of God's love and provision for our lives.

The words of these verses told me that the Lord is holy and that He is our rock. There is no one like the Lord. He brings death and life to all of us. To me that says He will either make us or break us depending on whether we are faithful to His service. All we have to do is to humble ourselves and look to Him and He will provide for all our needs.

It also says that if we boast or cause others to notice us, He will break us. I learned that we should cherish our trip and the experiences that we had on this trip, because they taught us how to live totally trusting the Lord for our lives, literally.

We did not see anyone come to Christ, but I know that because we sought the Lord's help and guidance on this trip,we made a difference in the people we came in contact with on our trip. We may have planted some seeds and cultivated other seeds, but our work did not go void. The good that will come from this trip in the future will come because we met those people where they were and we made them shine. We gave them hope and we gave unselfishly to them. We were the eyes, ears, hands, feet and the heart of our precious Lord.

As we went our separate ways, I will always remember all the trials, all the triumphs, but mostly the awesomeness of our Lord and remember that as long as we humbled ourselves before Him and submitted to Him totally we were able to be the body of Christ and be used to do His blessed holy will.

We should acknowledge Him and lean totally on Him for He is the author and finisher of our lives. He is the one true Lord.

Since I have returned from this trip, I will always cherish my experiences with that group of women that became so very special to me. I will never forget all the faces of those Ukrainian women that stood there and praised the Lord with hands reaching toward heaven and their hearts so heavy laden with the cares of their lives.

The one thing that I knew without a doubt, was that I was totally in the will of the Lord and that he provided for my safety during our travels, our strength when we stood before those women and spoke of the love of God to them and gave us the words and deeds to make our Lord known to them. He gave us the courage to take a giant step of faith and be the Christian wittiness that the Great Commission speaks of in Matthew.

God is an awesome God who loves us and is willing and able to take care of us no matter where we are or what we are doing, so long as we are in His will. We should take no credit for what good comes of our work. We should just keep doing His will and He will bless us and strengthen us daily through our time with Him in Bible study and prayer. As we minister to others, we will grow and become even stronger and better wittinesses for Him.

Questions it brought to my mind...
Why did it take so long for me to take that giant step of faith?

My closing prayer...Dear father, I praise you for who you are and what you have done in my life and the lives of all those we came in contact with in the Ukraine. I pray that you will bless our work and that many people will come to a saving knowledge of your son Jesus Christ.

I pray that you keep us ever mindful of your presence in our lives and give us the courage to always be about your business. In your son's blessed and holy name. Amen

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