Do I forgive like we we're forgiving? c2-head***

Do I forgive like we we're forgiving?

Picture by Graur Razvan Ionut

Picture by Graur Razvan Ionut

It started a year ago, my husband was arrested for drugs. After getting out on bond he left and decided he wanted a divorce and moved in with his girlfriend, he is getting out of jail Thursday, after running for 8 months and serving the last two months. He was charged with new meth charges when he was caught. We have three beautiful babies 4, 2, and 15 months old. He had his mom call me and wants to be back in there lives. He refuses to speak to me for me to set some guidlines. I dont feel its his parents place to play middle man. But do I just forgive and let him have my babies as if nothing happened. He will be in drug court to try to get help with his addication. I am trying to not be negeative but this will be the 6 rehab he has went too. i knew when we started dating he had a past with drugs and he was than currently clean for 2 years and I thought this was never going to be a issuse. He hurt my children and they no longer cry for him or ask about him, because its been a year. I just need to know as a christian what to do. Forgive and just trust my children will be safe or fight about it and not let him see them. Currently i have sole custody with no visitation until after drug rehab completion. I also know hes just going to be there when its convient for him, and i also fear he may step in again and than not make it through drug court and go to prision and my children will be hurt once agian when hes back outta there life.

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Walking in Wisdom
by: Ameerah

Hi, Ameerah here from The Hem Bible Studies.

What you are talking about is something that a lot of Christians have questions about - What does it really mean to forgive someone?

Does it mean that we pretend that it never happened and go back to the way things were before? Well, in many cases, to do that would not be walking in wisdom. To pretend that all of this did not happen is not "being a good Christian" but many times we misread Christian as doormat.

Forgiving and being a "good Christian" means that we release our anger. We recognize that our battle on this earth is not against flesh and blood (people) but against our real enemy. It is him that is working through our fellow man to cause us pain, and causing them pain in the process. forgiveness is really us just re-directing our anger int he right direction - at Satan.

When we have compassion with our fellow man, we are NOT saying that what they did was OK! Instead, we are recognizing that they are in a spiritual battle and losing. After we realize that, we can begin to pray for them. But, until we see the manifestation of true change in their lives, we must walk in wisdom in terms of how much we allow them back into our lives.

Just because we forgive someone does not mean we allow them into our lives if they have not allowed God into theirs. If they are still heavily under the influence of the enemy as evident by their current actions, then we must be wise, especially if there are children involved.

I pray that helped shed light on what it really means to forgive.

God Bless!
Ameerah Lewis
Hem of His Garment Bible Study Online
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by: Rita

Do the first important step 'Forgive' and you
will be forgiven. Then go and seek God with all
your heart to direct every step. Because He is
our Defender. Pls read Jer.29:11-14, God cares


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