Empty Nest- and the Godly older woman c2-head***

Empty Nest- and the Godly older woman

by Laura

I have 4 grown children 1 granddaughter and have been married for 27 years. I am 46 years old.

I homeschooled all of my children except my 18 year olds last year(this past) in which he finished at our local h.s. I need some help in the transition of what to do with my time, the house needs only so much cleaning. I am not in too much fellowship with other women that I could possible minister to as we live in a small town.

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by: Anonymous

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Still empty nesting after almost 6 years
by: Anonymous

I am 46 years old and the mother of one grown son and I have two beautiful grandbabies. My son has been married almost 6 years now and I still miss him being home so much. I am totally at a loss. Let me give you a little info. on me. I have spent my adult life being, my hubby's wife, my son's Mom and caregiver to my Mom. In Feb. of 2004, my Mom passed away from Alzheimer's disease and in May of 2004, my only child married and moved out. Suddenly, I found myself....alone! I took care of my Mom for years and between her and my son, that was my life. Don't get me wrong, I cherish mu hubby and unfortunately, he got the back burner quite a bit but we have a great relationship. BUT....I am still struggling to find my role. Mom is gone, my son has a life of his own. So now what?! I still see my son 2 or 3 times a week and my precious grandbabies too and I talk to my son everyday but it is the quiet house that is driving me nuts. When our son was at home, we always had a houseful. We would wake up to teenage boys sprawled out all over our livingroom floor and frankly, I miss that! I miss being his fulltime caregiver and I miss being Mom's fulltime caregiver. I would love to have some friends who are in the same boat to chat with. My e-mail is Punkinbunnie@yahoo.com and I have yahoo messenger.

I so identify with you.
by: Anonymous

The youngins are grown and out on their own.I rarely hear from them unless there is something they need or want me to help with the grandkids (which I love to help with).
Always on the lookout for Godly older women who are also empty nesters. I love all Godly women but the older ones seem to know the empty nest thing.
In Texas and don't know where the Godly empty nesters are nesting now that the kids are gone.
Maura Rose

Roman 8:28

same boat
by: gmama

I to am going on 46, have 3 grown children, and now two granddaughters. I homeschooled all 3 children except a few years here and there. My youngest is my only daughter, now 20 years old - Where did the time go? I've been completely empty nested for almost two years and am running out of things to do! The house is fixed up, the yard in good order, all my "projects" are completed - now what? The first 25 years of my marriage, my role was so clearly defined, I feel a little lost? My granddaughters live across the country, so time with them is cherished, but compartmentalized into a few blocks of time per year. I guess I know that the next thing on the agenda is to take the time to refine myself - my habits, my spiritual maturity, my health and well-being; but I find myself looking for reasons to be busy because that is what I know best. . . I've never been one to spend alot of time out "fellowshipping" in the classical sense, because so much of my time was centered in my own home. It would help to know other women are facing the same questions about their role and purpose as I am?

filling the nest again
by: Dian Ramsey

Hello, I too have a grown son and am thoroughly enjoying the time that I have to do all the things that I wanted to do. I am now into writing, teaching and going on mission trips here and abroad. I am totally into working in my church and doing all I can for the glory fo God. Give your life to God and let him have control and see all the wonderful things that will happen to you. God Bless You Dian

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